How Many Hours Of Entertainment Would You Be Exposed To With 15GB Of Data To Spare?

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1. You would be able to listen to your jams all day errday. 105 hours worth of songs on Spotify to be exact.

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Data usage breakdown: Streaming music at 320Kbps on Spotify only equals to roughly 2.5MB per minute or 7 hours of music per 1GB.

Bonus: You'll also be able to download 3,750 high-quality songs from iTunes or listen to 555 hours of Internet radio.

Let Ed Sheeran sing you to sleep without worrying about waking up to 0% data left and overused data charges.

2. You could watch up to 20 hours of HD videos on YouTube (you’ll need a power bank on standby)

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Go ahead and keep clicking on related videos or just keep re-watching the same cute cat video over and over again. #nojudgment

Keep in mind that how long you get to watch videos all depends what quality you're streaming in.

Data usage breakdown:
8MB per 5 minute video at 240p
13MB per 5 minute video at 360p
20MB per 5 minute video at 480p
37MB per 5 minute video at 720p
62MB per 5 minute video at 1080p

3. Watch 15 hours (or approximately 15 episodes) of the latest TV series on Netflix now that it’s available in Malaysia

Again, it all depends on what quality you're watching in.

Data usage breakdown:
Low: up to 300MB/hour or 150MB/episode or 600MB/movie
Medium: up to 700MB/hour or 350MB/episode or 1.4GB/movie
High: up to 1GB/hour or 500MB/episode or 2GB/movie (up to 2.8 GB/hour if HD)

Let the marathons begin!

4. Be on WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, and all your favourite social media sites 24/7

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Data usage breakdown:
Facebook - about 50 KB per refresh
Twitter - roughly 70KB per refresh
Whatsapp - about 1KB per text message and 50KB per picture/voice message
Instagram - you can post about 4 photos per MB and videos will take about 1.5-2.5MB each
Snapchat - about 30-50KB per image

Don't hold back, go ahead and post all the selfies, food porn, and inside jokes you want!

P.S: You're also able to send 4,995 normal-quality digital photos or 1,500 high-resolution ones using your phone's default messaging system.

5. You could make 83 hours worth of Skype video calls because sometimes you just need to see your best friend's face RIGHT! NOW!

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How else will you be able to see their reaction to you finally landing your first job or getting asked out by the person you've been Insta-stalking for months?

Data usage breakdown: About 180MB for a 60 minute video call. That means you use around 3MB per minute on Skype to Skype video calls. You can also opt to make a Skype to landline/mobile call which will knock down your data usage to 1MB per minute.

With just about everything these days being done online, the need for a solid data plan that’s not only robust but also reliable is becoming less of a luxury and more of a necessity

You: when you use up your data limit before the end of the month.

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With many data plans available in the market today, select one that gives you a generous amount of data allowance without burdening your monthly commitments

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A current promotion from U Mobile gives you unlimited calls to all networks and 15GB of data for only RM70 per month with their P70 postpaid plan. If you register from 15th March to 30th June, U Mobile will give you an additional 8GB on top of the plan's existing 7GB which means you will enjoy a total of 15GB monthly.

Plus, if you upgrade to the Hero Plus plan, you'll be able to share up to 24GB of high-speed internet with up to 4 lines across multiple devices from as low as RM55 per line. Perfect for families, couples or even a group of friends.

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