What's Bondee? A Quick Breakdown On The New Trendy Social App Everyone's Talking About

The cutest fits and the coolest rooms, YES PLEASE!

Cover image via Bondee (App Store)

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You've probably seen pictures like these on your timelines with friends asking you to add them, right? Now you can join them on Bondee, the hottest new social app taking the world by storm!

Image via Khadijah/SAYS

Launched by Singaporean-based tech startup group, Metadream, Bondee was released earlier this year and has ranked the #1 free app on the App Store (at the time of writing). The platform rose to popularity for its trendy-looking avatars and unique interactive features.

Here's a quick breakdown on what Bondee is all about:

1. Bondee avatars and rooms are completely customisable

You can browse through hundreds of free, adorable features and outfits to turn an avatar into a mini version of yourself. The customisation studio lets you change and adjust skin tones, give avatars ombre hair, and even give your avatars pets!

Image via Khadijah/SAYS

It doesn't stop there — you can customise the "room"-like spaces for your avatars. Rooms can be spiced up with stylish furniture, you can adjust the lighting and music for ambience, and the coolest part? You can even upload your own pictures in photo frames and posters.

Image via Khadijah/SAYS

2. Bondee lets you post statuses, switch up your avatar's mood, and visit friends' rooms to leave sticky notes

Statuses can be posted as texts or as images, and you can choose an "activity" for your avatar to do. Your friends can add you through your user ID, phone number or QR code, can see your status, visit your room, and leave sticky notes. You can also join groups and clubs, and interact with each other freely.

Image via Khadijah/SAYS

Pan out to see all your friends' units next to yours like neighbours. Living together has never been easier :')

Image via Khadijah/SAYS

3. Bondee lets you send your avatars off to the high seas to find new friends, message bottles, and treasures

Send your avatar off to sail the seas, even while you're off the app! You can throw six message bottles a day (who knows, someone might read them), find fellow drifters, and stand a chance to get collectable items every week.

Image via Khadijah/SAYS

So what are you waiting for? Get on the Bondee wave today and share your cute little avatars with your friends!

Bondee is available for download on the App Store and Google Play.

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