WhatsApp Unveils 'Chat Lock' Which Gives Extra Privacy To Your Super Secret Messages

Private conversation can go even more private now.

Cover image via CNBC & MyBroadband

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To make your private messages even more private, WhatsApp is stepping up and introducing a new security measure

Image via WhatsApp

Named 'Chat Lock', the feature provides an extra layer of privacy to your personal chats by locking them. In order to read and send messages from a chat you've locked, you are required to verify your identity with a passcode, fingerprint, or face ID. 

Additionally, these chats will be kept in a separate 'Locked Chats' folder. Furthermore, notifications that pop up from these chats will hide the message and contact name. Keep in mind that the chats will only be locked on your phone and not other linked devices such as your web browser. 

This feature is available on both Apple and Android devices.

Here's how you enable chat lock on your phone:

Step 1: Tap the chat you want to hide, and tap on 'Chat lock'
Step 2: Press 'Lock this chat with fingerprint' or 'Lock this chat with Face ID'
Step 3: Tap 'View' to see the chats in the 'Locked chats' folder

At the time of writing, the chat lock feature is not yet available to all users, but will likely roll out gradually.

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