You Can't Search For Taylor Swift On X. Here's Why

It's to do with X's chaotic solution to Taylor Swift's deepfakes.

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X, formerly known as Twitter, faced a crisis this week as explicit deepfake videos of Taylor Swift circulated online

Despite having policies against deceptive media, X struggled to control the spread of these AI-generated videos.

In a statement on 26 January, the platform's safety team said they were "actively removing all identified images and taking appropriate actions against the accounts responsible for posting them."

In response, X blocked searches for "Taylor Swift", although some related terms remained accessible

Image via SAYS Tech

Terms such as "Taylor Swift AI", "Taylor AI", "Swift AI", "Taylor AI Swift," and "Taylor Swift deepfake" are still searchable on the platform, with plenty of AI-generated images still displayed under X's Media tab.

The award-winning American singer had a tongue-in-cheek response to the AI-generated visuals

Image via SAYS Tech

"I'm the problem, it's me," Swift's X bio currently reads.

This incident underscores the challenges platforms face in moderating AI content and has prompted concern at the White House, hinting at potential legislative action.

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