Want A Free 5G SIM Card With Unlimited Data? Here's How You Can Get One From YES

With the YES 5G SIM card, you can now enjoy a seamless Internet experience that boasts an incredibly fast speed, potentially 100x faster than 4G network.

Cover image via Mika Baumeister (Unsplash) & Mobile Fokus

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This Spotlight is sponsored by YES. 

After months of anticipation, 5G network is finally available in Malaysia.

In fact, YES is the first telco to offer 5G in Malaysia, while ensuring that users get to enjoy the best rates possible.

Launched in December 2021 together with Digital Nasional Berhad, the revolutionary cellular network has made its way to Putrajaya, Cyberjaya, and certain areas in Kuala Lumpur. 

Additionally, the telco brand and Digital Nasional Berhad plan to expand the 5G coverage to all major cities by the end of this year. 

What this means is that Malaysians can now enjoy a seamless Internet experience that boasts an incredibly fast speed, potentially 100x faster than 4G network

From being able to download 4K movies in seconds, to experiencing uninterrupted, real-time video calls, and enjoying a more reliable coverage with a massive network capacity, 5G network is set to make a real difference in our lives.

According to YES, here's how much time you'll save with 5G network:
- Save up to seven hours on large game downloads
- Save over three hours when downloading 10,000 songs
- Save almost four days of waiting time on social media 
- Save up to seven minutes with every download of a full 8K movie 

Pretty cool, right? 

Plus, for a limited time only, YES is giving away free YES FT5G Prepaid Discover SIM Pack to Malaysians!

Image via Mobile Fokus

That's right. Malaysians who use 5G compatible smartphones are eligible to sign up to receive a free 5G SIM card at no cost at all.

The best part? YES will deliver the YES FT5G Prepaid Discover SIM Pack to you for free as well, yassss. :D

Here's how to get a free YES FT5G Prepaid Discover SIM Pack:

STEP 1: Sign up for your SIM card here or via the MyYes app

STEP 2: Fill in your personal details and address for the SIM Pack to be delivered to you at no cost

STEP 3: Activate the free SIM card on a 5G compatible phone and complete activation via eKYC for verification purposes

And that's it! Find out if your smartphone supports the 5G SIM card here

According to YTL Communications chief executive officer Wing K. Lee, there are more than two million 5G compatible phones in use in Malaysia today

"To celebrate the arrival of 5G in the country and enable the owners of these 5G phones to enjoy the new service, we are proud to introduce the #FirstToDiscover5G campaign.

"This will ensure that more Malaysians have access to 5G with our free FT5G Prepaid Discover SIM Pack. This is the first in a series of campaigns we are developing to encourage widespread 5G adoption in Malaysia," said Lee, adding that YES remains committed to spearhead a more connected future for Malaysians. 

Find out more about YES and the power of 5G on their website today

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