Women Who Wow: 6 Filipina Photography Enthusiasts On Instagram That You Should Follow Now!

They capture to express not to impress.

These women from different walks of life share the same passion for photography

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They travel, write, and shoot photos around the Philippines and the world for work and leisure and have become six of the most influential Filipino photographers to date. All of them started as hobbyists and are now successful in their own fields.

And the most important thing is: they capture to express not to impress.

Kimi Juan

Travel escapist Kimi Juan has a minimalist taste for everything. Her love for serenity and quiet shows through her hushed-toned photographs. A photography major from the College of St. Benilde, she started out as a film photographer and was mentored by her grandfather who did the presidential photograph of late President Cory Aquino. She then ventured to the digital world when she set-up her blog, Escape Journal. She's currently capturing moments with her boyfriend, Thomas Caja, who's also into photography!

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Camille "Camie" Juan

Travel writer and vlogger Camie Juan is a Parisian by heart. Her mellow aesthetic dominates her Instagram account making you feel like you're her best friend as you walk together in the streets of Manila en route Europe and vice versa! This classy traveler is currently studying French and is an occasional street food eater who is in love with squid balls, carry-ons, vintage stuff, and her best friend Gab (who also shares her love for photography)!

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Xyza Cruz Bacani

Everyone who's into street photography probably knows her story. Xyza Cruz Bacani is a street and documentary photographer who worked as a domestic helper in Hong Kong for ten years since she was 19 years old. Her works have been featured in New York Times Lens Blog, BBC, and CNN among others. She is also a Fujifilm Ambassador and was one of the delegates of the Magnum Foundation Human Rights Fellows in 2015. For us, Xyza is the Filipina version of the late Vivian Maier who was also a nanny for 40 years during the 1950s and was photographing sub rosa in her leisure time.

"My favorite pictures are those that I took when I didn’t go out on purpose to do a photo shoot. If you really want to be successful in photography, you should turn it into your lifestyle. It should become a part of your daily life like eating or taking a bath," Xyza shared in an interview with Inquirer.

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Lyka Gonzalez

Photographer and filmmaker Lyka Gonzalez once packed her bags and flew to Kathmandu, Nepal to immerse herself in their beautiful culture and traditions for three months. Her short film Agos: the Manila Dream held its world premiere at the 2015 Festival de Cannes last May and has since screened in various festivals worldwide. Besides film-making and photography, she is also in love with poetry.

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Angely Dub

Angely Dub, the founder and president of Access Travel & Tours Inc., has been traveling around the world to capture the most amazing places our beautiful planet has to offer! Her photographs are quite amazing, although she doesn't consider herself a professional photographer just yet. Her eye for detail is what led to Access Travel's success that even celebrities ask her to plan their travels according to their budget. She told SAYS PH that she never edits her photographs because she's allergic to fake and unrealistic. We feel ya, girl!

"Photos are your work of art. Having thousands of followers; using hundreds of hashtags are nonsense. You do it for yourself for your satisfaction not for the sake of other people's likes. Have a competition with yourself to improve every time you get a chance and just stop comparing your work to anyone," shared Angely during an interview with SAYS PH.

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Shaira Luna

Shaira Luna gained household recognition as the famous Promil gifted kid in the 90s for memorizing the human anatomy. She was supposed to become a doctor at 19 but decided to pursue her love for photography instead. Today, she's a professional food and fashion photographer whose works have been featured in major local and international magazines! Her love for reminiscence shows in her retro-tinged photographs and uninhibited thrift outfits!

"I was so kilig. It has been ten years [since I started shooting] and I still feel the same. You have to learn how to use what you have, you just can’t keep buying just because. You get a really nice camera and then you want everything agad, but you don’t know how to use it? You’re dead. Me, the longer I shoot, I find, the less equipment I’m bringing. Sometimes it’s not about adding light. It’s removing light. Sometimes there’s too much light, you block it," shared Shaira in an interview with GMA News back in 2013.

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