These Amazing Milo Cubes Are Not Sold In Malaysia… But Here's How You Can Still Buy Them


  • We know nothing beats a cup of super kao Milo, but there is something else that's stealing the hearts of Malaysians now

    • The 'Milo Energy Cube' went viral on social media in December 2016, and it has instantly become a hit as Malaysians young and old yearn to have a taste of this new snack.

      However, in actual fact, the Milo Energy Cube is not new and has been on the market for quite some time.

      It's not just Malaysians who are excited about the Milo cubes as our neighbours in Singapore, Brunei and Thailand were equally fascinated about the discovery, albeit us finding out a little later than some parts of the world.

  • Is it good? Do I eat it just like that?

    • If you've always loved scooping Milo powder and let it go straight from the tin into your mouth than into your cup, you're going to love the Milo cubes.

      The Milo Energy Cube are mini cubes compacted with Milo powder. People who've tasted it love it for the chocolatey goodness that bursts forth with one bite.

      Be warned, it could get real addictive!

  • Where can I get the Milo Energy Cube?

    • The Milo Energy Cube is not officially available in Malaysia but netizens have been putting them on sale since there's a huge demand for it.

      Your best bet now is to get it from online e-commerce sites such as Lazada, 11Street and Qoo10.

      It was difficult to find them earlier this year but more and more people are selling the Milo Energy Cube in community marketplaces like Carousell and Shopee.

      Do take note that these Milo cubes are only sold in selected African countries, so they cannot be imported from Dubai, contrary to what some sellers are saying.

  • Do you think Nestle should launch the Milo Energy Cube in Malaysia? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

  • More Milo goodness here:

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