[VIDEOS] 10 Chinese New Year Ads You Need To Check Out In 2018

Get the tissues ready.

Cover image via Celcom & AIA Malaysia (Edited)

1. Lee Kum Kee's video this year celebrates the signature dishes of each dialect group

Oyster sauce is a staple ingredient in most traditional Chinese dishes. To celebrate their product's rich heritage, Lee Kum Kee's Chinese New Year video focuses on the dishes that are bound to remind us of our home and family. The video showcases the signature dishes from each dialect group, like the Hokkien five spice meat rolls, Foochow red vinasse mee sua, and more.

2. Celcom's video shines the light on how Peranakan families celebrate Chinese New Year

The Peranakans in Malaysia have their own unique traditions that they follow during Chinese New Year. You can see some of these in Celcom's video: the chai kee, a decorative item made from red cloth; and the seroja, a practice where the young in the family honour their elders. 

3. AIA Malaysia wants us to know that the best gift you can give your loved ones is to be there for them

You can't help but go "awww" while watching this video. It tells the story of how a family came together, following their elderly mother's wishes, to have reunion dinner at her house. The video also reminds us that you should spend time with your family whenever you can, and not just on the eve of the new year.

4. Eu Yan Sang's video will definitely tug at your heartstrings

We can't think of a better way to describe Eu Yan Sang's video except that it was very real. The video illustrates a situation that is slowly becoming more common in Malaysia, which is why many people find it really relevant. We won't go into details about the video - you really need to watch and experience it yourself. 

5. Maxis' interview with a Hokkien-speaking 'lion' is really cute

If the 'lion' that performs at every Chinese New Year event could talk, what would it say? That's what Maxis' video is about. The crew interviewed Ah Huat the 'lion' on what it's like to be him, how he trains, and the challenges he face. His movements in the video are super cute!

6. You might find KPJ Damansara's video cheesy, but it's actually quite good

What's Wrong, Ong? - A Film by KPJ Damansara Specialist Hospital

Every time Chinese New Year rolls around, Mr. Ong ends up rolling in our hospital bed. Is he destined to be our patient forever? We’ll let him tell you. In Hokkien. Mai Kiah-lah. Got subtitles. Enjoy! <3

Posted by KPJ Damansara Specialist Hospital Official on Thursday, 8 February 2018

The short film focuses on Mr. Ong, a man who has been falling sick every Chinese New Year for the past 20 years. Surprisingly, he appears to be healthy this year without any aches - not even a slight fever! But this doesn't make Mr. Ong happy at all. Watch the full video to find out why. 

7. Watsons Malaysia continues its #happybeautifulyear CNY series with fun yet practical tips from two ‘leng luis’

#HappyBeautifulYear, Beautiful Luscious Hair

The 2 Lengluis are back again with their gorgeous hair do’s this Chinese New Year! Check out how these Lengluis keep their hair healthy and happy! “” Get the Beautiful Luscious hair products now from nearest Watsons Stores or shop ONLINE at https://goo.gl/JToQRz. #HappyBeautifulYear #WatsonsMalaysia

Posted by Watsons Malaysia on Wednesday, 24 January 2018

If you’ve watched CNY videos by Watsons in the past, you’ll immediately recognise that catchy “Pan leng leng jingle the second it plays.

This year, Watsons appeals to its most loyal customers once again with two characters ‘Expert’ and ‘Fairy’, taking the lead in a three-part animated beauty battle in Cantonese, where tips and product mentions are woven in a cheeky banter between the two.

#HappyBeautifulYear, Beautiful Glowing Skin

Want beautiful skin this Chinese New Year? Easy! With these special tips from this two lengluis, your beauty will shine from the inside out! Watch to find out how! “”“” Wanna get Beautiful Glowing Skin like both of them? Visit the nearest Watsons Store or shop ONLINE at https://goo.gl/nj6XCv. #HappyBeautifulYear #WatsonsMalaysia

Posted by Watsons Malaysia on Sunday, 28 January 2018
#HappyBeautifulYear, Beautiful Look

Watch as these 2 Lengluis battle out on who has the highest level of makeup! React 'Like' for Team Fairy-Like makeup and 'Love' for Team Beauty Expert! “” “” Check out what are their secrets to a Beautiful Look at your nearest Watsons Store or shop ONLINE at https://goo.gl/B77UeY. #HappyBeautifulYear #WatsonsMalaysia

Posted by Watsons Malaysia on Tuesday, 30 January 2018

8. Tenaga Nasional's video will appeal to every kung fu fan

Tenaga Nasional's video starts with a scene we're used to seeing at every family gathering: people playing with their phones. One of the siblings saw a memory from decades ago, which reminds them of how they used to sneak around to make their very own lion dance costume. 

Be prepared to be blown away by the kids' amazing kung fu moves in this video. 

9. Etika wants you to take pride in the name your parents gave you

If you've experienced having your name turned into a joke by friends, then you'll definitely be able to relate to this video. Etika's video tells of a boy who was unhappy with his given name as his friends kept making fun of it. However, he came to understand the true meaning behind it after his father explained it to him. 

10. Pretty sure we can all agree that U Mobile's ad is the most 'kaww' one you'll see this year

We love puns, so we definitely need to include U Mobile's 'kaww' Chinese New Year video into this list. Bet you didn't expect the amount of puns they can come up with using the word 'kaww' - our favourite was the Kaww-asaki bike. 

Didn't see your favourite Chinese New Year ad in the list? Share it with us in the comment section below!

Wishing you happy and prosperous Chinese New Year, from all of us at SAYS :D

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