[VIDEO] 11 CNY Ads That Really Nailed It In 2016

Some may make you cry and miss home, some may make you think about your loved ones but some were, well, annoying. We compiled 11 touching, funny and weird ads we think are worth sharing!

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1. Bank Simpanan Malaysia (BSN) - Look at how an enthusiatic Chinese uncle and a grumpy Malay uncle settle their differences in this HILARIOUS ad

2. PETRONAS - Every year, PETRONAS delivers one of the most touching ads, and this year is no exception.

3. Malaysian Airlines - This sweet newly-wed couple makes the most of every time they have together, and sacrificing their feelings for the sake of their spouses' happiness. Would you do the same for your loved ones?

4. Pepsi - In the gruelling wait for Monkey King 2, Pepsi released this ad that just INTENSIFIED our need to watch this movie

5. Mudah.my - This gripping tale of two long lost friends really hits us in all the right spots. No these are not tears, my eyes are just sweating.

6. Watsons - We scratched our heads as we watched the crazy loud Chinese aunties and shirtless men danced about in this funny ad.

7. Setia Today - "When it comes to who we are, it is never one without the other". Waaa this touching ad shows how it is possible to mix the traditional with modern.

8. McDonald's - This McDonald's ad is a winner because using innocent, cute kids who say funny things will definitely make you smile

9. MY Astro - Nothing beats a good old catchy Chinese New Year song

10. IKEA - This is one of the weirder but funny ads on TV which won't fail to capture anyone's attention. We all love a good kung fu showdown:

11. NESCAFÉ - A traditional Chinese New year song with a fresh twist. This 30 second ad is a treat with few bits of humour thrown in.

12. Eco World - A man moves through the different stages of his life, literally. But in the end, he can never stray from his family despite his career success.

Which one did you like best? Do you think this year's CNY ads are better than last year's? Tell us in the comment section below!

This Chinese New Year, we want you to stay cool but enjoy all the makan at the same time. These sweet treats really match the CNY spirit!

Make sure you brush up on your CNY etiquette to avoid any drama. You don't wan't to add to the family drama that is bound to happen!

Lai lai lai, my house is ready

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