8 New Seasons Of Netflix Shows To Catch In May If You're Bored Of Reruns

Tune in to brighten up the rest of your May!

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1. Love, Death + Robots

Image via Netflix

Meep, Morp to all my sci-fi fans! Love, Death + Robots is back with volume 3 that will be released today, 20 May. You may wanna hurry and switch to Netflix to catch this promising season.

This volume is a combination of terror, imagination, and beauty in the upcoming episodes. So prepare yourself for what's about to come.

The season stretches from uncovering ancient evil to a comedic apocalypse, narrating short stories of fantasy, horror, and sci-fi. Come on versatility!

This is a season you wouldn't want to miss out on!

Image via Netflix
Image via Netflix

2. Welcome to Wedding Hell

Image via Netflix

Can’t get over Business Proposal? Want another K-drama to binge on? Netflix has got you!

Welcome to Wedding Hell is a new K-drama that will be released on 23 May, starring Lee Jin-uk and Lee Yoon-hee.

They play a couple in their 30s preparing for marriage.

What is supposed to be a joyous occasion soon turns into an uphill battle over wedding preparations, casting doubts about whether the pair will ever get their happily ever after.

Image via Netflix

Don’t miss what may be your next K-drama obsession! Even for those who aren’t avid K-drama fans, who knows this might just be the one to get you started.

3. The Future Diary

Image via Netflix

Want to explore J-drama? This series may become your new favourite and to viewers from Season 1, get your hearts ready! 

The Future Diary will be releasing its second season on two dates: 24 May for episodes 5-6, and 26 May for episodes 7-9.

In the second season, a brand-new love story unfolds when a young office worker in Tokyo finds herself caught between a charming bartender and a handsome medical student. 

Get tissues and popcorn ready and watch how this love story unfolds.

Image via Netflix

4. Somebody Feed Phil

Image via Netflix

Do you wish someone would just feed you amazing food? Yeah, me too. But it’s okay! Together, we can watch Somebody Feed Phil: Season 5, which premiers on the 25 May.

In this new season, the creator of Everybody Loves Raymond, Phil Rosenthal, travels the globe, taking in local cuisines and culture of new destinations. His travel destinations include Oaxaca, Maine, Helsinki, Portland, and Madrid.

Don’t miss out on watching Somebody Feed Phil, discovering and experiencing new cuisines. Maybe have a notebook ready to jot down places to go after!

Image via Netflix
Image via Netflix

5. The Circle

Image via Netflix

OMG y’alls! The Circle is back with Season 4 of the competition, which will be released on 25 May

This season's players are shady, chatty anddd they're secretly famous. All bets are off as the players compete for the ultimate prize of USD100,000.

Stay tuned to find out who gets eliminated and who wins!

Image via Netflix

6. Insiders

Image via Netflix

Imagine going for what you thought was a casting for a reality show only to find out you were being filmed all along! Skurry!

Season 2 of Insiders, which premiers on 31 May, is hosted by Money Heist’s Najwa Nimri.

10 new candidates sign up for a casting call for a reality show, all of whom are unaware of the cameras that have already started rolling. 

With that said, let the mind games BEGIN!

Image via Netflix

7. My Little Pony: Make Your Mark

Image via Netflix

Attention all Furries and Bronies! Get excited because My Little Pony: Make Your Mark will be coming out on 26 May!

In this chapter of My Little Pony, when Zipp realises that the power of the crystals are fading, she goes on a mission to figure out why. 

Wanna find out why, too? Then remember to mark your calendars and tune in.

Image via Netflix
Image via Netflix

8. Stranger Things 4

Image via Netflix

Strange Creatures! Stranger Things is back on 27 May.

Based on the latest trailers, Hopper is still alive and there's a new villain in town. Jeng jeng jenggg

Eleven's powers are also gone and the group has separated. 

Find out what this penultimate season will uncover when the much anticipated Stranger Things 4: Volume 1 takes us back to Hawkins just in time for spring break.

If you can't remember what happened prior, go rewatch the seasons to catch yourself up before 26 May.

Image via Netflix
Image via Netflix

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