9 Things To Remember Before Watching 'Never Have I Ever' Season 3

It's Devi Vishwakumar's world and we all live in it.

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After more than a year of waiting, Never Have I Ever Season 3 is finally here!

Slated to drop next Friday, 12 August, Season 3 was announced early this year as the penultimate season for the entire franchise. Fans are eagerly anticipating how this season will play out before everything eventually concludes in time to come.

But before we get our blankets and popcorn ready, here are a few things to remember from Season 1 and 2 before switching on your television.

[SPOILER ALERT]: Elements from the show's first two seasons will be discussed, so read at your own risk

1. Ben knows the truth behind him and Devi's distance

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It's safe to say that Devi's romantic life is an absolute disaster. After bouncing back and forth between Ben and Paxton, it wasn't too hard to believe that she ended up with Paxton by the end of Season 2, though she somewhat fell for Ben in Season 1.

But this circumstance was not always written. For the most part of Season 2, Ben believed Devi just 'always' had deeper feelings for Paxton, leaving him to kick rocks. At the winter dance, Eleanor spilled the beans that herself and Fabiola influenced Devi to choose Paxton instead, and that Devi's continuous retaliation towards Aneesa throughout the school year was because of pure jealousy. It was not until then, did the fog clear, and Ben realise what had actually been going on.

Chances are this love triangle will not be ending anytime soon. Who do you think Devi will end up with in Season 3?

2. Nalini and Dr Chris have split up

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Easily taking the cake for one of the most hilarious characters of the series, we all breathed a collective sigh of relief when we saw Nalini finally find a boyfriend in the form of prominent dermatologist, Dr Chris Jackson.

Rubbing each other the wrong way at the beginning of Season 2, Nalini eventually grew fond of Chris over time, sparking another potential relationship for the series (And after Mohan, we all knew she deserved it).

But when Devi freaks out over the idea that her mother moved on so quickly after her father's death, Nalini made the difficult decision to stop seeing Chris. Nonetheless, nothing is for certain with this duo, and the hopeful romantic in all of us is keeping our fingers crossed for their potential reunion in Season 3.

3. Kamala seemingly ended her engagement and is going after Mr Kulkarni

Image via Screen Rant

We all know Kamala as being Devi's perfect cousin in every aspect; smart, tall, gorgeous, and funny. However, Season 2 didn't shy away from giving her some of the most devastating and challenging experiences of her life.

From getting the opportunity to work with an acclaimed cytologist to standing up for her own creations and accomplishments, fans were left uncertain when the season ended with her ditching a dinner with her "soon-to-be" husband, and his family, to sing karaoke with Devi's favourite English teacher, Mr Kulkarni.

Does this mean Kamala's brief stint at married life is now over, or is she getting a new beau? Only time (and Season 3) will tell.

4. Devi is still sabotaging her relationships

Image via Netflix

Though there's clearly no Never Have I Ever without Devi Vishwakumar, it's hard to argue that there haven't been moments where she's made the most frustrating decisions when it came to her family, friends, and relationships.

From stringing two guys along simultaneously to making her mother feel guilty about having any relationship beyond her father, everyone was taken aback when she sacrificed helping Fabiola and Eleanor for the sake of spending casual time with Paxton, or told off her long-time psychologist, Dr Jamie Ryan.

Nonetheless, it seems as though we will probably be getting more 'Messy Devi' from the Season 3 trailer, as she expresses how the opinions of others relating to her and Paxton's new relationship makes her doubt their courtship altogether.

5. Fabiola came out and is living her best life

When the awkward nerd finally breaks out of her cocoon and transforms into a beautiful butterfly, you can't help but root for her every step of the way. Fabiola walked straight into our hearts with her quirky demeanour, funky fashions, and gullibility that made her more charming as the episodes went by. Little did we know, that was the only straight thing about her.

After exploring her sexuality in Season 2, we couldn't help but squeal after she broke this revelation to her mother, and embarked on a new relationship with (arguably) the hottest girl in school.

Building up to a stellar moment at the winter dance that culminated in Fabiola and Eve winning the school's first Cricket Queen and Queen, we can hardly wait to see where Fab's newfound confidence will take her.

6. Aneesa and Ben's relationship is in limbo

Image via TV Insider

Aneesa probably had the most difficult run in Season 2. From trying to find her way around a new school to building relationships with those she didn't know what to expect from, her journey became insurmountably more difficult once she and Devi crossed paths.

Determined to throw their budding relationship off course, Devi took to creating a vicious rumour about Aneesa that plagued her throughout the semester, and inevitably turned her romance with Ben upside down.

By the end of Season 2, it seemed as though Ben's 'relationship' with Aneesa (if you were to call it that) is more fragile than anything Devi threw their way. As the Season 3 trailer shows Devi and Aneesa on a better path when it comes to their friendship, only time will tell where this combination will go.

7. Eleanor has a motherly figure back in her life with Sharon

Image via ELLE

Breaking our hearts every step of the way, Eleanor's tumultuous relationship with her less-than-present mother, Joyce, in Season 1 had us on the edges of our seat for Season 2. Getting let down again, Eleanor was once more taken through a flurry of emotions after getting a less-than-decent boyfriend, Malcolm.

When Malcolm cheats on her, embarrasses her, and takes her for granted, it leaves Eleanor no other solution but to find solace in her stepmother whom she's been avoiding for the course of the whole show, Sharon. It's only after Sharon imparts wisdom and boy-knowledge onto Eleanor, do we see a blooming mother-daughter relationship in the works, and we can't wait to see where this goes in Season 3.

8. Nirmala is making her grand return — and we're living for this cultural icon

Image via Fangirlish

Arguably the centre of all things good, it's hard to imagine Never Have I Ever without the wisdom and knowledge of Devi's grandmother, Nirmala. Often making brief appearances here and there for funny one-liners or to give us a momentary release from the booming plots, Nirmala is single-handedly the only person responsible for crucial decisions made in Nalini and Devi's lives.

From convincing Nalini not to move back to India, as it would merely damage her relationship further with Devi, to getting the two to reconcile after Devi discovers about her mother's relationship with Chris, it'll be intriguing to see how Nirmala will return to provide more funny zingers and heart-warming revelations.

9. Yep, Paxton is still hot, but he may have some competition this time around

Yeah, there isn't anything much to add really, Paxton's still hot. But does he have some competition coming his way in the form of new Indian exchange student Des?

From the looks of the Season 3 trailer, it seems as though Devi's mother may be sending her another suitor option that'll throw our main protagonist right back off the boat, per usual.

Are you looking forward to Never Have I Ever Season 3? The series hits Netflix on 12 August!

Watch the Season 3 trailer here:

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