Bella Astillah Claims Aliff Aziz Cheated On Her 11 Times, Including With Her Own Sister

"It hurts me to say this. This is a secret that my family and I have kept very well," said Bella.

Cover image via Kosmo!

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After filing for divorce, singer Bella Astillah made a shocking revelation, claiming that her husband, Singaporean singer and actor Aliff Aziz, had cheated on her 11 times, including with her own sister

According to Berita Harian, Bella, whose real name is Dayang Ara Nabellah Awang Astillah, claimed that she has sufficient evidence of her husband's infidelity.

"People only know that Aliff cheated four or five times, but it was actually 11 times. I have evidence, and Aliff is aware of all of this.

"After Aliff was caught in khalwat with Ruhainies, I didn't make any statements because I was shocked, even though there were allegations accusing me of setting that up," she said.

Bella Astillah at a press conference in Bukit Jelutong yesterday, 3 April.

Image via Kosmo!

The singer also claimed that her relationship with Aliff has caused her to be estranged from her family in her hometown

"I dislike it when people ask if I will return to Sabah because I have something to share. Honestly, I no longer have a family in Sabah. As many people know, I have three sisters. Aliff cheated on me with one of them.

"I adored Aliff so much that I distanced myself from my own family. I never revealed this, but I have to now because even the people I respected, like my in-laws, didn't expect this betrayal," said Bella.

The mother of two alleged that Aliff and her sister exchanged messages hoping that their relationship would work out while she and Aliff were performing Umrah in 2022.

"It hurts me to say this. This is a secret that my family and I have kept very well. The situation with my sister was a huge mistake. Our family no longer returns to our hometown.

"The worst part was that I pushed away my sister, not Aliff," she added.

Singaporean singer and actor, Aliff Aziz.

Image via Kosmo!

Bella also revealed details about her husband's relationship with local actress Ruhainies, stating that she discovered Aliff had visited Ruhainies' house eight times before they were caught in khalwat

The 30-year-old singer explained that she became aware of these visits by tracking the Global Positioning System (GPS) in Aliff's vehicle.

"I've never mentioned it, but the car Aliff drives was a gift from me. Because the car is registered under my name, I was able to access the GPS.

"There were also inappropriate conversations between Ruhainies and Aliff. I placed a recorder in the car, I'm embarrassed to say this, but they talked about inappropriate things," said Bella.

She went on to say that she initially planned to keep the details of her husband's infidelity to herself, but she couldn't hold back anymore.

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