"I've Mentally Suffered" — Safee Sali's Wife Claims She Was Divorced Through A Voice Note

Fitria claimed that her two daughters are no longer attending school while under Safee's care.

Cover image via Utusan & The Malaysian Reserve

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Fitria Elfina Maharip, wife of former national footballer Safee Sali, recently revealed that she has been suffering mentally for over a year

According to Kosmo, the 44-year-old housewife claimed that her husband filed for a nusyuz petition, accusing her of leaving her two children and returning to Batam, Indonesia, which she denies.

Nusyuz is an Islamic legal term, where a spouse fails to fulfil their marital duties or disobeys their partner without justifiable reason.

"I did not leave my children; I entrusted them to my nephew's house. This is because both of their passports are held by Safee.

"He (Safee) also did not prevent me from returning (to Batam). I went back to Batam to seek refuge and protection from my brother," said Fitria earlier today, 19 March.

Fitria Elfina Maharip, 44.

Image via Aziah Azmee/Harian Metro

Fitria alleged that their marital turmoil began in March last year when Safee made changes to their relationship, including not allowing video calls

She also said that the former footballer later admitted that he wanted to marry another woman who he believed could help his post-retirement career.

According to Fitria, she went to Batam on 7 February while waiting for Safee's arrival to meet her brother.

Fitria emphasised that this act cannot be considered nusyuz as Safee knew she went back to her brother's house.

Former JDT footballer, Safee Sali, 40.

Image via The Malaysian Reserve

Safee pronounced divorce through a voice note on 11 February

Fitria also claimed that she is now evicted from their rented house in Puncak Alam because Safee did not continue to pay for it.

"Now, I am very worried because my two children, Shanika Salsabilah, 9, and Shania Safina, 7, are no longer in school and I do not know their whereabouts," said Fitria.

Image via mStar

Previously, Fitria was seen distraught leaving the Syariah Court on Monday, 18 March, claiming that she had been unable to communicate with her children for over a month

She alleged that her two daughters were taken by Safee on Wednesday, 6 February.

Expressing her sadness, Fitria revealed that she only found out about her children's situation through a letter left in her husband's car on 28 February, reported Harian Metro.

Despite meeting his wife a few weeks ago to take their children's belongings, Safee allegedly left through the back door and took an e-hailing vehicle, leaving his own vehicle at Fitria's house along with a letter stating that the children miss her.

"The letter also stated that the children were uncomfortable there because someone was angry," said Fitria.

Image via Utusan

Accompanied by her lawyer, Fitria went to the Syariah High Court to undergo the process of reconciling the custody rights claim with Safee

However, the reconciliation process was unsuccessful as both parties failed to reach an agreement. The case has been rescheduled for 9 May.

"I want to fight for my children because I have taken care of them 100%.

"I have never been separated from my children, this is the first time we have been separated," she said.

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