Comedian Danial Zaini Impersonating Anwar Ibrahim Is The Funniest Video You'll See Today

Nobody asked for it, but now everybody is asking for more.

Cover image via Astro Gempak (YouTube)

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Opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim is known for having a unique voice that is hard to describe with words

His voice is definitely not throaty, but leaning more towards the nasal side. Even with that said, Anwar's voice feels like it comes from the chest.

As I said, it is hard to put Anwar's voice in words.

That is why when comedian Danial Zaini masterfully mimicked how the politician sounds like, the video of his performance went viral on Twitter

In an eight-minute segment on Astro Gempak's Muzikal Lawak Superstar 2 aired last Friday, 26 March, Danial — along with his team members Ezad Lazim and Azmi Saat — performed a satirical political debate between two candidates from different parties.

The duo is in a fight to be elected as the head of a village. Of course, the entire scenario is fictional.

When it is Daniel's turn to give a speech, he walks up to the middle of the stage, rocking spectacles similar to Anwar's.

"Pengerusi yang saya berhormat, I have the numbers. It's convincing... menyakinkan, dan legitimate," Daniel says while impersonating the PKR president

His opening line makes judges Zul Ariffin, Nur Fazura, and Datuk Awi laugh their heads off.

"I have told the Cabinet that as much as RM80 billion will be paid out to residents in Kampung Pisang regardless of races. Melayu, Indian, Chinese, Kadazan, Bidayuh... we will help everyone," Daniel continues in Bahasa Malayu.

We attest that the way he says 'billion' sounds exactly like Anwar because Daniel knows it himself too.

During his turn to speak again, Daniel keeps repeating the word 'billion', saying, "With the RM80 billion, I will allocate [...] RM2 billion to the youth, RM2 billion to those who aren't youth, and RM30 billion to the senior citizens."

His flawless impersonation of the Port Dickson lawmaker makes the studio echo with applause. Even the judges have a hard time sitting straight from all the laughter.

From left to right: judges Zul Ariffin, Nur Fazura, and Datuk Awi.

Image via Astro Gempak (YouTube)

A two-minute long clip of Daniel's performance found its way to Twitter, catching the attention of Anwar himself

The PKR president applauded Daniel for his mastery.

"Salute! Those of us who understand the arts should celebrate," tweeted Anwar on 27 March.

While most netizens were amazed by Danial's performance, many Twitter users were equally impressed with Anwar for his cool response to the parody.

Watch the segment below. It begins at the 42:35-minute mark:

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