People Have The Most Hilarious Reactions To The New 'Frozen 2' Teaser Trailer

Gorgeous animation, functional outfits, and... climate change awareness?

Cover image via Walt Disney Animation Studios/YouTube (Edited by SAYS)

In case you haven't heard, the Internet has been blessed with a teaser trailer for 'Frozen 2' and it is absolutely stunning

The teaser seems to hint at a darker turn of events for the Arendelle royalty, including a possible revelation behind the history of Elsa's powers

The possibility of the movie exploring Elsa's powers have people hyped and are giving them serious superhero vibes.

Despite the dark tone, netizens have not disappointed with with their reactions to the teaser.

Some have jokingly theorised that 'Frozen 2' could be about climate change (because it's 2019 after all):

Of course, there were many 'Kingdom Hearts 3'-related jokes:

Image via Facebook

In line with the superhero theme, many are looking forward to a crossover happening in the movie:

Image via Facebook
Image via Facebook

Many were here for Elsa's and Anna's new fashionable-but-functional costumes:

Watch the teaser trailer here:

'Frozen 2' will be out in Fall 2019!

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