Rise Up, Slum Tenants! Kung Fu Hustle 2 Is Finally Happening

Actor-turned-director Stephen Chow revealed that he might make a cameo appearance in the film.

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After 15 years of waiting, Hong Kong star Stephen Chow revealed that the highly anticipated sequel to Kung Fu Hustle is in the making!

Although rumours have always been in the air, Chow finally confirmed this during a recent interview that the sequel to our epic childhood film is indeed coming.

According to MAAC Action Cinema, Chow initially announced the sequel way back in 2005, but had to put it on hold as other projects around him cropped up.

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The 2004 original film was a huge global success with gross earnings of USD17 million (RM69 million) in US and USD84 million (RM341 million) in other countries.

On the plot of Kung Fu Hustle 2, Chow said that it will not be a traditional sequel but a more of a "spiritual follow-up" set in the modern day.

The 56-year-old writer and director revealed that he might even make a cameo appearance in the film

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"I can't fight that well anymore," Chow said, adding that he unofficially retired from acting 11 years ago.

However, he hinted that he is considering making a cameo appearance as a man getting beaten up in the movie.

No information has been revealed on the release date or other cast members, but fans can definitely look forward to Chow's signature humour and wit.

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