Dr Mahathir And Dr Siti Hasmah's Love Story Will Be Made Into A Movie

The movie will be shown in theatres next year.

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Tun Dr Siti Hasmah Mohamad Ali's love story with Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and her sacrifice over the past 60 years will be made into a movie

The biopic will be called 'Hasmah-Bila Deh Bertemu Det' and it will be based on Dr Siti Hasmah's biography, reported Bernama.

Actress Farah Nadia Zainal Abidin and actor Hasnul Rahmat (right) posing as Dr Siti Hasmah and Dr Mahathir.

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Actress Farah Nadia Zainal Abidin, or better known as Nad, will be playing Dr Siti Hasmah, while actor Hasnul Rahmat will play the role of Dr Mahathir.

The movie will go into production for 65 days starting March next year

Managing director Hafiz Rozlan said the movie is expected to be released by the end of 2020.

Produced by Tune Production, it will be shot in Perak and Kedah, Malaysia; Singapore; Kobe, Japan; and New York, US.

Currently, Hafiz has yet to find the right individual to sit on the director's chair as he is still in the process of evaluating the most qualified and best candidate.

Hafiz said the movie will stay true to Dr Siti Hasmah's life, from her childhood to her married days with Dr Mahathir, without any added twists or turns

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"The film is a biopic and a love story of Dr Siti Hasmah, the grief, the bittersweet, and the obstacles she has gone through as the wife of the prime minister," Hafiz said at the pre-launch of the movie yesterday, 7 October.

"The writing of the script is now in progress and is expected to be ready by the end of this month. We will double-check with Dr Siti Hasmah herself to ensure its authenticity.

"Apart from making Dr Siti Hasmah's biography as the main reference, we will also ask her to share with us incidents with Dr Mahathir which are not in the book," he said, reported Bernama.

Meanwhile, Nad expressed her disbelief over portraying a national icon in the biopic

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Speaking to Berita Harian, Nad had wanted to act in a biopic for a long time, but did not expect that she will get to play a female character who is loved by the people.

"Personally, I respect and admire our Prime Minister’s wife," the Anugerah Skrin 2018 Best Actress winner said.

"To prepare for this character, I have been attending violin classes for over a month and have also watched Tun (Dr Siti Hasmah) interview videos as well as read her biography. I will be meeting her in person soon to get to know her better."

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