You Can Grow Your Music Career By Applying For This Government-Funded Grant

This is your chance to make a breakthrough in the music scene!

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This Spotlight is sponsored by MyCreative Group.

Are you passionate about music and trying to emerge as an artist in Malaysia?

Well, here's some good news for musicians! MyCreative Group (MyCreative) is now giving out funds to help out those who have an interest in the music industry.

If you didn't know, MyCreative is a government investment arm that's on a mission to grow Malaysia's creative industry by giving out strategic and innovative funding for those who have a passion for everything arts related, from visual arts to content creation.

Incorporated in September 2012, they continue to invest in Malaysian creative companies to help them thrive. In the 2012 Malaysian budget, RM200 million was allocated to boost Malaysia's creative industry.

MyCreative's goal is to be the main source hub for Malaysia's creative industry, empower local creative talents and entrepreneurs, as well as elevate the growth of the industry to be on par with other countries.

Those who are looking for a breakthrough in the local music scene can do so by applying for Dana Kandungan Digital (DKD)

Previously known as Dana Industri Kandungan Digital (DIKD), the fund was first introduced in 2015 as a continuition of Dasar Industri Kreatif Negara (DIKN), which was established in 2012 in collaboration with the Content Malaysia Pitching Centre (CMPC).

The whole purpose of their entity is to provide financial aid to local musicians, helping them ease and grow the creative industry as they create content.

There are four different types of funds offered by DKD with the allocation of various amounts for the grant up to RM300,000

Dana Pemasaran Dan Promosi Antarabangsa focuses on supporting the participation of musicians and artists, as well as potential music works that increase access to high-quality Malaysian music in other countries.  

For that, they are allocating up to RM300,000 for this fund. So, whatchu waiting for music heads? Go ahead and apply here. The first entry opens from now to 5 May and the second entry will open from 2 June to 14 July.

Have a look at their guidelines here.

If you're looking to grow your music domestically, then you can apply for Dana Kebolehan Pasaran (Domestik). This particular fund supports the creation and promotion of different music genres locally.

An allocation of up to RM100,000 is forked out to those planning to grow their talent and art in the local music scene. There will only be one entry application for this fund which opens from now to 19 May. So, don't miss out on this opportunity to spread your music across Malaysia.

You can apply for Dana Kebolehan Pasaran (Domestik) here and browse through their guidelines here.

The third fund that MyCreative is offering is Dana Persembahan Muzik. This fund contributes to the planning and execution of events revolving around music performances and concerts, which prioritise local and upcoming artists, as well as creates more job opportunities for those who have an interest in the music industry.

Up to RM300,000 will be allocated for this performance-focused fund. If you're interested to apply, you can do so here from now till 19 May 2023. To find out if you're eligible for it, you can check out their guidelines here.

MyCreative has recently introduced a new fund called Dana Irama Perpaduan in 2023. This fund has an allocation of RM50,000 for the production of songs created for Malaysia Day, Hari Kebangsaan, and other patriotic songs that are suitable in various forms of music or genres, as approved by music advocates in Malaysia's music industry.

Applicants can start applying for this fund here from now till 12 May 2023 and look through their guidelines here.

Want to be a representative of Malaysia's music industry? Log on to MyCreative's website and apply for a fund that suits your talent and creative pursuits!

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