Henry Golding Is The 9th Most Handsome Man In The World According To A Scientific Formula

The study also suggests that Regé-Jean Page is the most handsome man in the world, slightly edging out Chris Hemsworth.

Cover image via New Straits Times/AP & GQ

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Computerised mapping techniques have just calculated who the handsomest men in the world are, and it turns out Malaysian-British actor Henry Golding is among them

Celebrity facial plastic surgeon and doctor of the Centre For Advanced Facial Cosmetic And Plastic Surgery in Harley Street, London, Dr Julian De Silva, recently released a list of the handsomest men in the world, which he compiled after using a form of developed technology often practised at his workplace, computerised mapping.

In a caption under his Instagram post, Dr De Silva explained, "These brand new computer mapping techniques allow us to solve some of the mysteries of what it is that makes someone physically beautiful and the technology is useful when planning patients' surgery."

Using a method that is referred to as The Golden Ratio of Phi, this equation, that was derived from Ancient Greece, was commonly used by artists and architects to aid in the process of creating their masterpieces.

The most common use of this ratio was applied by Leonardo da Vinci for the creation of the 'perfect' human male body, the Vitruvian Man.

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The Vitruvian Man by Leonardo da Vinci.

The Vitruvian Man by Leonardo da Vinci.

Image via Wikipedia

Over the course of time with technological development, scientists have been able to adapt a mathematical formula to explain what actually makes a person beautiful

According to a description of the formula on Daily Mail, a deduction is made after the length and width of someone's face is measured, then by dividing the results. The premise that is closer to the ratios of a face or body are to be divided by the mathematical formula for Phi, which is 1.618.

Measurements are meant to be taken from the forehead hairline to the spot between the eyes, from the spot between the eyes and the bottom of the nose, and from the bottom of the nose to the bottom of the chin. A person is considered to be more beautiful if the numbers are equal.

More attention is given to the symmetry and proportion of the face. To be deemed 'beautiful', according to the Golden Ratio, the length of the ear must be equal to the length of the nose and the width of an eye should be equal to the distance between the eyes.

A digital example of an individual with a 'perfect face' as according to The Golden Ratio of Phi.

Image via Shah Facial Plastics

By using these methods of calculation, Dr De Silva listed who the top 10 handsomest men in the world are, and these are the results (along with their recorded percentile score):

1. Regé-Jean Page (93.65%)
2. Chris Hemsworth (93.53%)
3. Michael B Jordan (93.46%)
4. Harry Styles (92.3%)
5. Jude Bellingham (92.22%)
6. Robert Pattinson (92.15%)
7. Chris Evans (91.92%)
8. George Clooney (89.91%)
9. Henry Golding (87.98%)
10. Dwayne Johnson (86.07%)

In accordance with the list, British actor Regé-Jean Page is regarded as the handsomest man in the world, while Malaysian-born Henry Golding placed ninth overall.

The handsomest man in the world according to the Golden Ratio Rating, Regé-Jean Page.

Image via @drjuliandesilva (Instagram)

Providing explanations for the overall results, Dr De Silva stated what aspects of each man was remarked as desirable, and what reasons they were marked down for.

"Regé won because of his classically beautiful face and gorgeous brown eyes. He had easily the highest score for his eye spacing and the positioning of his eyes also scored highly. His perfectly shaped lips also scored highly and the only mark he got that was slightly lower was for his nose and width and length," said Dr De Silva.

As for the third placement on the list, Michael B Jordan, Dr De Silva stated that the actor topped the scores for the width and length of his nose, and came in second for his chin.

Moving to Malaysia's Henry Golding, Dr De Silva stated that he presented a high score for his chin shape and eye spacing, but was marked down for the shape of his nose and face.

Third handsomest man in the world, Michael B Jordan (left) and ninth handsomest man in the world, Henry Golding (right).

Image via @drjuliandesilva (Instagram)

Despite the detailed research, did we really need science to tell us that Henry Golding is one of the handsomest men in the world?


Click here to check out the full explanation of the findings on Dr De Silva's Instagram page.

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