Hold On To Your Undies, Russell Peters Is Coming To Malaysia Again!

Brace yourselves, everyone. Russell Peters is making his way to Malaysia on the 10th of April 2015!

Wanna work out your abs? Grab tickets to Russell Peters' second show - it's not too late!

Tickets for the second show on Saturday, 11 April 2015 are still available. Go get them now from Ticketpro! Or somebody gonna get a hurt real bad...

SECOND Russell Peters Show Announced! Thank You Comedy Gods!

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The Second Show Will Be On Saturday, 11 April 2015. For Those Who Missed Out, This Is Your Chance Now! Tickets Go On Sale On 14 February 2014.

LOL Events is thrilled to announce that Russell Peters' "Almost Famous" World Tour is extended to a second night! The second show will be on Saturday, 11 April, 2015 at Stadium Malawati, Shah Alam, Malaysia, one day after the first show.

Tickets will be launched on 14 February 2014 at 10am via TicketPro Malaysia's website and outlets nationwide.


8 JAN: Many of you out there are probably familiar with funnyman Russell Peters, the Canadian-born stand up comedian

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He blew to stardom with this hilarious number and his trademark line, "Somebody gonna get a hurt real bad..."

He is also famous for his impersonations of other accents, but knowing when to draw the line between funny and offensive

This man's first show in Malaysia during the Notorious World Tour back in 2012 sold out in matter of hours!

He made history on his first visit in 2012, as part of his Notorious World Tour, when he sold out 16,000 tickets for two shows – a feat no other comedian has ever achieved here.


Those who were lucky enough to get a ticket, this scene would bring back some happy and very funny memories

As for the unfortunate souls who missed his act, don't worry! Russell Peters will be back in Malaysia this coming April.

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The Russell Peters Almost Famous World Tour will be held in Stadium Malawati on 10th April 2015. Tickets go on sale on 24 January 2015 at 10:00 AM.

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Tickets will be on sale on the Ticketpro website.

Expect to hear some new material about fatherhood, and being technologically-challenged, in true Russell Peters style

The ‘Almost Famous World Tour’ promises all new material featuring observational comedy, highlighting Russell Peter’s opinions on ethnic and cultural stereotypes, jobs, the usage of cell phones and dating.

The tour will also see appearances by Russell's Official Tour DJ and an opening act.

As with most performers, Peters is constantly thinking up new material. He says his newest bits for the Almost Famous tour are less about lampooning cultural differences and more about "the culture of being Russell."

In his new show, he devotes nearly half the set to jokes about fatherhood, technology, sex and his penchant for porn. The Nokia audience members laugh but are more animated when they're part of the joke. Peters senses the dropping temperature and pivots back to the audience, saying bad words in Zulu to a South African and reciting dirty limericks from India to a man from Hyderabad.


Again, tickets go on sale on SATURDAY, 24 JANUARY 2015, 10:00AM. Remember that it sold out in only a few of hours when he last came, so set a reminder!

We suggest those who plan on going to bring an extra pair of undies in case you pee yourself from laughing (heh, we apologise for the mental image).

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