[VIDEO] K-pop Group Sings Impressive Cover Of Jaclyn Victor's 'Gemilang' In BM

Their Malay pronunciation is pretty on point!

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While it's not uncommon for Malaysian artists to do covers of songs by international artists, it's definitely not everyday that we get to see the opposite happen

Up-and-coming K-pop boy group IN2IT, recently uploaded a cover of a much-loved local song, 'Gemilang' by Jaclyn Victor! Check it out below:

Their cover mostly stays true to the original song, but they did put their own spin on it by adding in a cool little Korean rap section at the 1:35 mark, right after the first chorus.

The music video also includes clips from their recent visit to Malaysia as part of their first ever Asia Tour last month. At the time of writing, the video has 60,145 views, 9,000 likes, and 1,271 comments on YouTube.

Netizens are loving it, with many expressing their joy over having a Malaysian song covered by a K-pop group and also praising the boys for their pretty on point Malay pronunciation

IN2IT were previously heard singing snippets of 'Gemilang' during one of their live broadcasts via the V LIVE app

Fans are speculating that this was probably a hint from the group, indicating that they had been practising the song in order to release a full cover later.

IN2IT has gained a following in Malaysia thanks to one of their members, Isaac Voo. Hailing from Sabah, Isaac is the first ever Malaysian K-pop idol!

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The other members of the group, Yoo Ji-ahn, Jung Yeon-tae, Hwang In-ho, Han Hyun-uk, Lee In-pyo, Kim Jin-sub, and Kim Sung-hyun, are all Korean.

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The eight boys came together as IN2IT as the result of a Korean survival show called BOYS24. They made their official debut in October last year and are continuing to grow in popularity.

On another V LIVE app broadcast, Isaac was seen teaching fellow member In-ho how to use some typical Malaysian slang like "lah" and "meh"

It's pretty cute how In-ho tried to follow along and apply what he learned hahaha. 

The pair also chatted about an all-important Malaysian favourite - durian! Isaac said he always tells fans that he enjoys eating durian and promised to get his members to try it one day.

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Any V.I.Ps in the house?

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