10 Latest Asian Dramas & Anime On iQiyi To Keep You Entertained While You Stay At Home

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It's a new month, which means it's time to keep an eye out for all the upcoming shows and add new things to your watch list. And boy, does iQiyi have an exciting lineup for you in May!

Whether you're into Asian dramas, variety shows, or anime, iQiyi has something for everyone, covering everything from classic favourites to the latest releases.

And you know what? Many of the shows available on the platform are EXCLUSIVE to iQiyi, which means you won't be able to watch them anywhere else! Damn rugi if you don't binge-watch them via the iQiyi app or iQ.com, you know.

Ranging from romance and fantasy to mystery and slice of life, check out the new K-dramas coming to iQiyi in May:

1. So I Married The Anti-Fan - Starring Choi Soo Young and Choi Tae Joon | Premiering EXCLUSIVELY on iQ.com

If you loved the popular comic this drama was adapted from, you've def gotta check out this live action version!

When an ordinary TV reporter crosses paths with a famous K-pop star, she ends up not only getting fired from her job, but gaining a reputation as his outspoken anti-fan. The pair of public enemies are unwillingly forced to live together as part of a reality show, during which they'll uncover secrets, misunderstandings, and maybe even an unexpected romance.

Look out for new episodes every Friday and Saturday at 5pm.

Watch the trailer below:

2. Imitation - Starring Lee Jun Young, Jeong Ji So, and Park Ji Yeon | Premiering EXCLUSIVELY on iQ.com

Love K-pop? Then, this is definitely the drama for you! Not only does it star famous K-pop stars like Park Ji Yeon as well as members of ATEEZ and SF9, you'll also get a closer look into the inner workings of the industry.

The drama tells the story of various fictional K-pop idols, who are trying their best and working hard to make their dreams come true amidst the highly-competitive idol world.

Look out for new episodes every Friday at 10.10pm.

Watch the trailer below:

3. My Roommate is a Gumiho - Starring Jang Ki Yong and Lee Hye Ri | Coming soon EXCLUSIVELY on iQ.com

Adapted from the popular webtoon of the same name, this drama has a little bit of everything—romance, fantasy, and humour! An accidental encounter brings together a female university student and a male gumiho (mythical nine-tailed fox), who end up living together as they try to figure out a solution to a problem that puts both their lives at risk.

Catch this drama on May 26!

Watch the trailer below:

4. Dark Hole - Starring Kim Ok Bin and Lee Joon Hyuk | Premiering on iQ.com

This action-packed thriller will have you on the edge of your seat as you follow the journey of a group of survivors, who have to fight for their lives against mutants that are created when humans inhale a mysterious dark smoke from a sinkhole.

Look out for new episodes every Saturday and Sunday at 12pm.

Watch the trailer below:

Do you prefer watching C-dramas? No worries, iQiyi has got some brand new ones coming in May too!

Here are our top picks:

5. Moonlight - Starring Esther Yu and Ryan Ding | Coming soon EXCLUSIVELY on iQ.com

Based on a popular online novel, enjoy the sweet romance that unfolds between established editor Chu Li and renowned author Zhou Chuan. When they first meet, the pair immediately clash and continue to be at odds. At the same time, they each have a close online friend whom they've never met. What will happen when the bickering duo find out that they are each other's online friend?

Watch the trailer below:

6. Crossroad Bistro - Starring Lan Ying Ying, Jin Chen, Wang Luo Dan, Nina, Han Geng, and Li Guang Jie | Coming soon EXCLUSIVELY on iQ.com

Get excited for popular director Feng Xiaogang's first web drama! This series is one of life, love, and growing up, told through the story of five women who experience all that and more as they work together to establish a restaurant.

7. My Dear Guardian - Starring Johnny Huang and Li Qin | Coming soon on iQ.com

Can't get enough of military-themed dramas like Descendants of the Sun, You Are My Hero, and Crash Landing on You? Here's another one to add to your watch list!

My Dear Guardian is about Xia Chu, a surgeon whose experiences allow her to stay calm in the face of life or death situations, and Liang Muze, a special military officer who has fought on many battlefields. Can the warm Xia Chu help the cold Liang Muxe open his heart to love again?

8. Love Crossed - Starring Dai Luwa and He Luoluo | Coming soon on iQ.com

This romantic youth idol drama revolves around Love Boys, a virtual dating game in which members of fictional boy group Y4 are swoon-worthy virtual boyfriends who fulfill every woman's dream. Seemingly perfect in the game but full of flaws in real life, the romantic encounters between the four boys and two heroines are sure to make for an exciting watch.

And don't you worry, anime lovers, iQiyi has got y'all covered too with these amazing anime lined up:

9. Fruits Basket The Final Season - Premiering EXCLUSIVELY on iQ.com

Anime fans confirm know this popular OG classic! After her mother dies in a car accident, optimistic high school student Tohru Honda is taken in by her kindhearted grandpa.

However, because his house needs to be renovated, Tohru has no choice but to temporarily set up a tent in the forest owned by the Souma family. As she stays there, she discovers the secret curse and sad past the Souma family suffers from, while also getting to know Souma Yuki, the handsome "Prince Charming" from her class.

Look out for new episodes every Tuesday at 10am.

Watch the trailer below:

10. 86-Eighty Six | Premiering on iQ.com

Adapted from a Japanese science fiction light novel series, this recently-released anime is a must-watch, especially for mecha fans.

The Republic of San Magnolia has been at war with the Empire of Giad for nine years. Though they used to suffer devastating losses due to the Empire's autonomous mechanised Legions, the Republic is now striking back with their own autonomous units called Juggernauts.

While the public believes that the war is being fought between machines, with zero casualties, the dark truth is that the Juggernauts are being piloted by humans. Worse still, these people are the 86s, a persecuted minority community who are being forced to participate in the war to receive better treatment.

Look out for new episodes every Sunday at 12.30am.

The best part about binge-watching all these shows and more on iQiyi is that the platform has all kinds of exclusive benefits, awww yeahhh!

A lot of their content is FREE to watch, while English, Malay, and Chinese subtitles are available for ALL the titles they carry.

And if you sign up as a VIP member, you'll get to enjoy even more exclusive benefits:
- Access to exclusive content and the privilege to watch in advance
- Dolby Atmos
- Full HD (Blu-ray 1080P)
- Skip AD

The awesome thing about their VIP membership is that it's affordable, at only RM1.90 for the first month of subscription.

They also have a Raya promo going on from 7 May to 16 May 2021!

Check out the discounted prices for the Standard VIP package:
- Quarterly: RM23.90 RM16.90
- Yearly: RM87.90 RM44.90

iQiyi is definitely a one-stop platform where you can stream all your favourite Asian shows.

Head over to the iQiyi app or iQ.com now to start binge-watching!

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