Jay Chou Is Coming Back To Malaysia This October For A One-Night Concert

The King of Mandopop is back!

Cover image via @jaychou (Instagram) & JVR Music (Facebook)

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UPDATED on 10 May: Ticketing details have been announced.

A little over a year after his last concert in Malaysia, Mandopop singer Jay Chou is returning to Bukit Jalil National Stadium for a one-night concert this October

The singer is set to perform in KL on 26 October at 7.30pm, as part of his Carnival World Tour.

The last time Chou performed in Malaysia was on 15 January last year.

Besides Kuala Lumpur, the 45-year-old singer will also be visiting the National Stadium in Singapore, and four other cities in China, namely Fuzhou, Changsha, Shenzhen, and Nanjing.

Ticket sales begin on 4 June from 11am onwards

Image via Book My Show

Here are the prices:
- CAT 1: RM1138
- CAT 2: RM988
- CAT 3: RM838:
- CAT 4: RM688
- CAT 5: RM588
- CAT 6: RM488
- CAT 7: RM388

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Jay Chou is joining a lineup of artistes who will be visiting us for a concert:

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