These Are The Stories Of The 10 Victims Killed In The Lumut Helicopter Tragedy

They were more than just numbers on board the two ill-fated helicopters.

Cover image via Tentera Laut Diraja Malaysia (Facebook)

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Ten high-ranking officers and dedicated service members of the Royal Malaysian Navy (TLDM) lost their lives when two helicopters collided mid-air during a flypast exercise on Tuesday morning, 23 April

The tragedy involved an M503-3 Maritime Operations Helicopter (HOM) and a Fennec helicopter (M502-6). According to TLDM, seven were on board the HOM helicopter and three were on the Fennec helicopter.

The Navy will set up an investigation board to determine the cause of the incident.

Wreckage of one of the two helicopters that collided and crashed at TLDM's base in Lumut.

Image via New Straits Times

All the victims were under 45 years old

TLDM released the names of the victims, listing them as:

- Squadron 503 commanding officer Commander Muhammad Firdaus Ramli
- Lieutenant Commander Mohammad Amirulfaris Mohamad Marzukhi
- Petty Officer TNL Noor Rahiza Anuar
- Lieutenant Sivasutan Thanjappan
- Squadron 502 commanding officer Commander Muhamad Amir Mohamad
- Warrant Officer II TNL Noorfarahimi Mohd Saedy
- Able Seaman I JJM Joanna Felicia Rohna
- Warrant Officer II TLR (AQM) Muhammad Faisol Tamadun
- Lieutenant Commander Wan Rezaudeen Kamal Wan Zainal Abidin
- Warrant Officer II TMK Mohd Shahrizan Mohd Termizi

They have all left behind pieces of their lives and grieving family members, who are struggling to come to terms with the tragedy

Commander Muhammad Firdaus Ramli

Firdaus, the Squadron 503 commanding officer, had spoken with his parents in George Town, Penang, just an hour before his tragic death.

"This cannot have happened. I can't believe my brother is gone. Just [yesterday morning], I heard my parents talking to him over the phone," Alya Ramli, the sister of Firdaus, told The Star.

"My brother was a very nice person, who sacrificed a lot for the family. We are saddened by what happened. We hope to be given the space to grieve our loss," said Firdaus' other sister, Syahira.

The last time the family gathered was when they visited Lumut to celebrate Hari Raya with him.

"That was the last time I saw him," Alya said, holding back tears.

Firdaus served in the Navy for over 20 years and had been based in Kota Kinabalu for the last two years. The 44-year-old was the eldest of seven siblings. He leaves behind a wife and a child.

Commander Muhammad Firdaus Ramli.

Image via New Straits Times

Lieutenant Commander Mohammad Amirulfaris Mohamad Marzukhi

Meanwhile, an uncle of Amirulfaris, who left behind a wife and two children, described him as "a good man, and very friendly".

According to his uncle Md Akhir Jamaluddin, Amirulfaris took very good care of his parents.

"They say the good die young," he said while reflecting on his nephew.

The 55-year-old added that Amirulfaris, 34, along with the other victims of the tragedy, had much more to offer the nation, but Allah loves them more.

Amirulfaris had also been stationed in Sabah for the last two years.

Lieutenant Commander Mohammad Amirulfaris Mohamad Marzukhi.

Image via Tentera Laut Diraja Malaysia (Facebook)

Petty Officer TNL Noor Rahiza Anuar

Noor Rahiza, who leaves behind her husband and four children, had always been interested in the military and went through several interviews before finally being accepted into TLDM.

Her brother, Abdul Latif Anuar, 46, shared that Noor Rahiza took a lot of videos during the recent Hari Raya Aidilfitri celebrations, saying she seemed very excited.

"She also took videos while all the family members gathered to greet each other. During previous Raya celebrations, she was never interested in taking such videos. Perhaps, it's a memory she wanted us to cherish," he said, adding that the family has accepted her death and is awaiting the next steps.

Meanwhile, her eldest daughter, Nur Qistina Awliyah, said she never expected her mother's enthusiasm to celebrate Aidilfitri to be a kind of omen, adding that even her father found it unusual.

"After that, mama said perhaps this will be the last memory we can cherish."

Noor Rahiza Anuar (left) with family members during Hari Raya Aidilfitri.

Image via Malay Mail

Lieutenant Sivasutan Thanjappan

Sivasutan, who served as a pilot in Squadron 502, had just gotten married.

The 31-year-old had tied the knot with Tharshini, a dentist, on 25 January this year.

His cousin, M Sivanesan, told Harian Metro that the family is still struggling to accept the tragic news, especially Sivasutan's elderly parents, M Thanjappan and R Parameswary, who are both in their 60s.

"He was a very kind person; he never raised his voice when speaking. He was interested in military affairs and really wanted to join TLDM," Sivanesan said.

Meanwhile, Sivasutan's parents, both retired teachers, shared that their only son was the apple of their eye.

"My late son Sivasutan was incredibly devoted and kind-hearted. He never turned down his parents' wishes. Whether it was clothing or anything else, he simply granted our every request.

"If his mother fell ill, he promptly bought medicine. If she liked something on TikTok, he'd ask, 'Is this nice, Dad?' By the next day, he'd have bought it for us. He symbolised our family's joy," said Thanjappan.

Sivasutan had served in TLDM for almost eight years.

Lieutenant Sivasutan Thanjappan on the day of his wedding.

Image via Harian Metro

Commander Muhamad Amir Mohamad

Amir, who was the commanding officer of Squadron 502, leaves behind his wife, Marliati Basri, and three children: Nuraina Farhana, the eldest, a 13-year-old daughter, and a four-year-old son.

Nuraina was attending a pastry class at school when she received the news about her father.

"The last time I saw my father was on Sunday, 21 April, but nothing much stood out, everything was as usual," she said, describing her father as a man of few words who always made sure to meet their needs.

"The memory I will cherish most is that my dad always took me to play futsal when I was a child," she shared with Bernama, recalling her fondest moments with her father.

Commander Muhamad Amir Mohamad.

Image via Dr. Sahruddin Jamal (Facebook)

Warrant Officer II TNL Noorfarahimi Mohd Saedy

Noorfarahimi, who leaves behind her husband and two children, had shared a video of the aerial view in Lumut with her family WhatsApp group just before the tragic crash, reported Kosmo!

Her daughter shared that her mother's last words to her before leaving home were, "Take care of yourself and study hard," which was unusual for their usually brief conversations.

"It felt strange when my mum gave that advice, and I felt uneasy at school until my brother came to tell me about the incident that happened to my mum," said 12-year-old Nur Alwani Fatihah Muhd Faizul.

Noorfarahimi Mohd Saedy with her family.

Image via China Press

Able Seaman I JJM Joanna Felicia Rohna

The 24-year-old Sarawakian leaves behind her husband and two children.

Her family said she joined the Navy in 2016 after attending an open interview. Joanna was the eldest among five siblings, all of whom were devastated by the tragedy.

One of her sisters, Honey, shared that she had spoken with Joanna just a day before the crash.

"I'm really sad now because she was my only big sister. But maybe God loves her more," she said, adding that Joanna always encouraged them to study hard and to look after the family.

Meanwhile, Joanna's grandparents, Tumbo Usen and Rindung Milo, both 65, struggled to hold back tears as they recalled their fondest memories with their cheerful granddaughter.

Balai Ringin assemblyperson Datuk Snowdan Lawan described her death as the loss of a star.

Joanna Felicia Rohna (in front).

Image via Utusan Borneo

Warrant Officer II TLR (AQM) Muhammad Faisol Tamadun

Faisol, who leaves behind a wife and two daughters, had always wanted to join the Navy since his school days and enlisted right after Form 5, according to his elder sister, Noryani Tamadun, 50.

Noryani recalled an ominous conversation she had with Faisol.

"On the morning of Raya, he said, 'Let's take a picture with the three of us for the last time. He also asked me to cook rice with salted fish and eggs, and again he said the words 'for the last time,'" she shared.

"He was really digging into his meal, enjoying every bite. He told me if he did not finish the home-cooked food, he was afraid that he would not get to enjoy it again. The way he talked that day was strange."

Faisol was stationed in Sabah and was planning to retire in two years. He wanted to live in the family's ancestral home in Kampung Tanah Hitam and had plans to convert it into a homestay, according to The Star.

Muhammad Faisol Tamadun.

Image via @GengKNegara (X)

Lieutenant Commander Wan Rezaudeen Kamal Wan Zainal Abidin

Rezaudeen, who served as a pilot for Squadron 503, was known for his kind-hearted nature.

"Rezaudeen was someone who liked to smile. People said he had a smile that could light up a room, even though he didn't talk much," Majoriti quoted his cousin Bob Ringgo as saying.

To his friends, Rezaudeen was a hero.

"We were proud that our friend was in the Royal Malaysian Navy, serving the country. He was very friendly and kind," one of his friends, Anas Amdan, posted on Facebook.

Wan Rezaudeen Kamal Wan Zainal Abidin.

Image via Anas Amdan (Facebook)

Warrant Officer II TMK Mohd Shahrizan Mohd Termizi

Shahrizan had served in TLDM for over 20 years and had just completed a course for a promotion to the rank of Warrant Officer I, according to his father, Mohd Termizi Abdul Ghani, a retired civil servant.

Mohd Termizi said he has accepted his son's fate.

"When I received the news, I thought that [Shahrizan's helicopter] was involved in a minor accident and [I thought] that he would return to Lumut. I kept praying that he was safe," he said, adding that he accepted the situation when he received calls informing him that his son was no longer with him.

"I accepted the situation as my son left while serving the country."

Shahrizan leaves behind his wife, Noor Ain Mohammad Ariffin, and three children.

Mohd Termizi holding a photo of the late Mohd Shahrizan Mohd Termizi.

Image via Utusan Malaysia

Meanwhile, the government has announced RM10,000 in preliminary assistance for each of the families of the 10 victims

Defence Minister Datuk Seri Mohamed Khaled Nordin said a special fund has also been set up to allow public donations to support the families during these difficult times, reported the New Straits Times.

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