Kedah Teacher Sets Up Makeshift Bowling Alleys For Students To Play During Rehat

We stan a DIY king!

Cover image via @one76914 (TikTok)

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A teacher working at a primary school in Kedah has DIY-ed
bowling alleys for students to play during their break time

Wan Roslan Wan Ishak, who works as a teacher at SK Nami, created makeshift bowling alleys using plastic pipes and long sheets of plywood.

Speaking to SAYS, Wan Roslan shared that he played bowling at a national level for several years.

The idea came to him in 2023. Seeing as the weekend bowling training sessions were not enough for the children, Wan Roslan decided to organise practise sessions during break times as well.

With the help of sponsors who donated money and supplies, such as the pins and balls, Wan Roslan set up a couple of bowling lanes equipped with rails that make it easy to return the ball to the player

It cost close to RM1,000 to make one bowling lane, he revealed, emphasising that bowling equipment isn't cheap. Sometimes, he added, some of the money comes out of his own pocket.

Despite that, he shared that the children love it and he hopes to be able to build more in the future if there are enough funds.

The teacher posted a fun video of the students' activities on TikTok, expecting nothing big, but was surprised when it went viral and received lots of positive feedback

"What a good and creative teacher... Even students who can't afford to bowl can now know what it's like," commented one person.

Image via TikTok

Another person cheekily asked if those above the age of 30 could register to attend the school.

Image via TikTok

You can watch the full video below:

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