M'sian Teachers Win Praise For Giving Classroom A Marvel Makeover To Motivate Students

Students can express their emotions with the "love yourself 3000" interactive board too!

Cover image via @hanifazahar777 (TikTok)

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A primary school teacher recently posted a TikTok slideshow of how he and another teacher redecorated their classroom with a Marvel theme for his students

The teacher, Hanif Azahar, first shared the condition of the classroom prior to the makeover, which showed that the space was in poor condition with pink walls that had begun chipping.

Aside from the chipped paint, the whiteboard in the classroom also had marker stains, and the furniture appeared to be old.

Hanif said that the makeover was needed in order to motivate his students to come to school every day.

"So, I was thinking of setting up a theme, (including) under the sea, outer space, in the jungle, and many other crazy ideas," he wrote.

In the end, the English language teacher decided on one theme, which was Marvel

Following the makeover, the classroom now has a much more vibrant and colourful appearance, thanks to new bright yellow walls and repurposed doors.

The classroom was also filled with cute Marvel-themed decorations, including a timetable with the title "Superheroes Class" and a "love your friends 3000" board that reminds the students to be kind to their classmates.

With the new decorations, the teacher also encouraged his students to prioritise their mental health by providing a new superhero mailbox in which they could write their thoughts and feelings.

Students can also express their emotions on the "love yourself 3000" interactive board.

"In our class, we are all superheroes," the teacher wrote.

Netizens fell in love with the new classroom and praised the teachers for their creativity

One user commented that they were touched by Hanif's efforts.

"May your students be happy and excited to go to school, and may God bless you for your service," they wrote.

Image via TikTok

Another commented that they love the idea of the "love yourself 3000" board in the classroom.

"They can now express their feelings," a TikTok user cheered.

Image via TikTok

"Thor is now more educated. Thank God," one user wrote in jest.

Image via TikTok

Watch the full TikTok slideshow here.

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