[VIDEO] K-Lah! What Do You Think About 'Itaewon Class', 'Extraordinary You' & 'Kingdom'?

We're so overwhelmed by ALL. THE. FEEEEEELLS!

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During this Movement Control Order (MCO), we've been keeping ourselves entertained at home by binge-watching K-dramas

Overwhelmed by ALL. OF. THE. FEEEEELSSSSSS, we just had to get on a group call to let it all out!

Watch the full video below to see what we thought of hit dramas Itaewon Class, Extraordinary You, and Kingdom. Oh, and SPOILER ALERTTTT btw!

We loveddddd Itaewon Class for its strong storyline and all of the DamBam family feels, buttttt... we also thought that it got a bit unrealistic at times, especially towards the end

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Iylia: "I think what dissapointed me about the ending part, especially after the time skip, was how unrealistic it got. How they got the leads together was like, 'oh, I'll save you from this kidnapper! Even though I got beaten up and hit by a car, I'll just step out of this hospital bed'."

Ashley: "Owwwwwww my God, that part made me so mad!"

As for Extraordinary You, we're very, very firmly on #TeamKyung hahahaha sorry Haru fans

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Gowri: "No, wait. Ash, important question. Team Haru or Team Kyung?"

Ashley: "For me it's Team Kyung lah, cause he's damn cute lah."

Gowri: "YES!! Yas gurl, high five! Team Kyung!!"

Ashley: "Even when he gets angry right, I feel like wah, he damn HOT wei!"


If y'all haven't watched Kingdom yet, you definitely should! We've been hooked on it since it came out and are now very anxiously waiting for Season 3 to be announced!

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Gowri: "So for me, Kingdom is kind of like the K-drama version of Parasite, in the sense that it got a lot of people who are not into K-dramas to actually start watching K-dramas."

Ashley: "Yeah, yeah, I agree."

Iylia: "One of the main things that I like about it also is that the acting is SO. GOOD. Like it really feels real because of it. So, the acting's just so well done."

And now that the MCO has been extended, we also gave each other recommendations on what to watch next

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Ashley: "I would actually recommend Hotel Del Luna. I always recommend this."

Iylia: "I really wanna watch that!"

Ashley: "I always, always, always, recommend it to people.

Iylia: "My first one is Reply 1997."

Gowri: "YESSS!! Oh my God!"

Iylia: "If you guys are into very relatable, real-life scenarios. If you're a 90's kid, I think you'll like it even more.

Gowri: "So, the first one that I recommend to everyone, literally—it's called White Christmas. It's kind of like a psychological thriller, and it will really make you question everything."

Do you guys have any other suggestions on what K-dramas we should watch next? Let us know in the comments!

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