[VIDEO] K-Lah! We Played 'BTS WORLD' For The First Time

There was a lot of screaming and fangirling involved lol.

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Omg ARMYs, how hype were y'all when 'BTS WORLD' was finally released?!

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The highly-anticipated storytelling simulation game was released just last month, to the delight of ARMYs all around the world.

With both the BTS Story and After Story modes being filled with all kinds of exclusive content to keep us satisfied, the entire fandom has been totally hooked on the game!

If you aren't already playing the game (in which case, you seriously need to start like right now!), here's a brief description about it from the BTS WORLD official website:

"The world turns upside down the moment you grab the ticket. When you open your eyes, you’re somewhere unfamiliar, back in the year 2012. Wait, you’re a BigHit employee? You've just become BTS's manager in a world where BTS doesn't even exist yet. Their debut is now in your hands!"

As loyal ARMYs, we just had to try playing it for ourselves and let's just say that we couldn't keep calm right from the start lol

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Iylia: "Avengers: Endgame all over again."
Gowri: "Eh, Thanos why you snap Bangtan? Thanos, bring Bangtan back!
Iylia: "This is Avengers all over again!"

Who else freaked out like we did the first time you got a call from one of the members AAAHHHHHH ASFHAOIHOHGOSHG *dead*

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Gowri: "Oh my gawd, I'm gonna answer it!"
Iylia: "Wait, don't answer it. I need to prepare my heart!"
Iylia: "But are you ready to talk to Namjun?"
Gowri: "No, but I want to hear it."

One of us even had a total mental breakdown after choosing the wrong answer during a chat T____T

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Iylia: "I think she's gone guys. She's given up on life already."
Gowri: "I'm sorry Hobiiiiiii!"

Watch the full video to see us play through Chapter 1 of 'BTS WORLD':

Are you guys playing the game too? What do you think of it?

Let us know in the comments section and don't forget to leave your friends code too so we can trade wings! ;)

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