SAYS Exclusive: Former K-pop Star James Lee Tries To Guess Malaysian Slang

He's practically one of us now hehe! ;)

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James Lee has definitely come a long way from his days as the bassist for Royal Pirates, a rock band that gained popularity within the K-pop scene

After surviving a tragic freak accident in 2015, James was faced with the potential end of his career, as he was no longer able to play the bass guitar. Rising above the many adversities he faced along the way, James became an inspiration to all when he successfully made a comeback to the music scene last year with 'THE LIGHT EP'.

Completely crowdfunded by his fans, the EP contains self-written, composed, and produced songs that tell the story of his post-accident journey from darkness to light

Following on from the success of 'THE LIGHT EP', James has continued to work hard on his music, delighting fans with every new song.

His latest release, 'Automatic' is a collaboration with Erik Lidbom of NEKO, a world-renowned music producer who has worked with many acclaimed Asian superstars like Girls’ Generation, NCT 127, EXILE tribe, and more. The song also features Filipino-American singer Travis Atreo.

James recently kicked off his first-ever solo world tour right here in Malaysia! While he was here, we managed to sit down for a chat about his music and future plans.

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James: "This year is about sharing more music and hopefully going on tour. And actually I'm pretty much starting in Malaysia."

Plus, we even taught him some Malaysian slang and we have to say that we're pretty impressed by how good he was at guessing them!

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James: "WALAO!"
Gowri: "Yes! Nice one, you're getting them all!"
James: "Dude, I got it! Dude, I'm Malay, I got this!"

How many did he get right? Watch the full video below to find out:

'Mad', the new single by NEKO X James drops on 10 May 2019! Click here to pre-save it now on Spotify.

We previously got James to tell us all about 'THE LIGHT EP' and his previous visits to Malaysia:

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