SAYS Exclusive: Ben Affleck Is Prepared To Manage The 'Triple Frontier' Boyband

In an exclusive interview with SAYS, the cast of 'Triple Frontier' discuss "being in a boyband" and how Netflix has changed the way they view content.

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In Triple Frontier, five former operatives of the US Special Forces got the band back together for one last mission - to steal a South American drug lord's enormous fortune

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To pull off such an ambitious heist, it was crucial for its lead ensemble cast - Ben Affleck, Oscar Isaac, Charlie Hunnam, Garrett Hedlund, and Pedro Pascal - to gel together both on and off screen.

Their characters are, after all, brothers (and of course, super tough dudes) who've been through thick and thin together in the military. 

But bond they did, and their shared chemistry - in Pedro Pascal's own words - felt like "being in a boy band"

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So when we got to meet Ben, Charlie, and Garrett in Singapore last week, we had to dig a little deeper into that endearing part of their relationship...

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... And discussed the gruelling demands of filming in challenging terrain

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Watch our interview with the men of Triple Frontier here:

Triple Frontier is now streaming on Netflix. Watch the trailer here:

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