SAYS Exclusive: Westlife Reveals Concert In KL & Puts Their 30-Year Friendship To The Test

"Shane breaks wind after eating spicy food." LOL.

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"When is Westlife coming to Malaysia?"

Now that is, without a doubt, one of the burning questions every Westlife fan in Malaysia (yours truly included) wants an answer to.

So when we had the opportunity of sitting down with the newly-reunited '90s boyband when they were in Singapore last month, we had to ask:

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Tour dates aside, it's truly was a privilege to have a front seat to the boys' camaraderie... especially when they made up a new genre of music in the middle of our interview. :p

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We even got the boys to spill the tea on each other in a quick game of 'Who's More Likely To...'!

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Check out our full interview with the boys HERE:

Listen to Westlife's new single Hello My Love here and watch the music video here. 

Last year, we brought some of Westlife fans' burning questions to Shane:

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