SAYS Exclusive: Jeremy Renner Finds Out Malaysians Are Calling Him "Klang Macha"

"What's 'Klang Macha'?"

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Remember the "Klang Macha" tweet that went viral after Hawkeye debuted his badass mohawk in a trailer for Avengers: Endgame?

As fate would have it, we - along with OHBULAN! - got to meet Brie Larson and Jeremy Renner in Seoul... so obviously, we had to show the meme to Hawkeye himself

Image via SAYS

As a special treat for Malaysian fans, we also taught them how to say their superhero names in Malay!

Image via SAYS
Image via SAYS

Note: If you're wondering why we went with "elang" instead of "helang", we admit to employing a bit of artistic license there.

Watch our full interview with Brie and Jeremy here:

Now playing in cinemas nationwide, Avengers: Endgame has already broken not one, but TWO records in Malaysia:

Unfortunately for fans who have yet to see the movie, trolls are already flooding social media with spoilers. Install this extension to avoid them:

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