K-Pop Artiste Is Frustrated With Malaysians For Constantly Making Fun Of Her Name

"As if there's only Bahasa Malaysia in the world."

Cover image via Instagram @babi__fly & Malay Mail

K-pop artiste Babi, from girl group Fly With Me, took to Instagram recently to lash out at Malaysians for constantly making fun of her stage name

The South Korean dancer, whose real name is So Young, had enough of Malaysians mocking the name she goes by since her group debuted in 2019.

Babi happens to mean 'pig' in Bahasa Malaysia and carries a derogatory connotation in this country.

Unfortunately, rude Malaysians flooded her Instagram account with comments that poked fun at her and even called her out for using the "curse word"

The ridiculous remarks have led her to switch the comments section off many of her posts until today.

According to Singaporean media company Mothership, someone had previously commented, "I have never seen a pig as pretty as this. I've always seen pigs with ugly noses. But this pig's nose, wow."

Image via Mothership

Meanwhile, others went as far as to ask her to change her name because it's "like a curse word" in Malaysia.

Image via Mothership

On Tuesday, 2 June, Babi finally lost her patience and directly addressed the Malaysian bullies in an Instagram post

"Why are you doing this to me? Just because my name is your laughing stock? Are you having fun with this?" she said angrily, as quoted by Malay Mail.

"I am not interested in your language, so it doesn't matter what my name means in your language."

"And I didn't know your country, but I don't want to know it anymore," she also wrote in the since-deleted post. 

Babi added that those who continued to ridicule her will be reported and blocked from her account.

Image via Malay Mail

Some Malaysians K-pop fans have since apologised to her for the harassment by their fellow countrymen

In a rare comment on one of her recent Instagram posts, a netizen wrote, "As a volunteer representative from Malaysia, I want to apologise for the negative comments from our people. [They're] all from brainless kids. Please forgive us okay."

Meanwhile, many users on Twitter have expressed embarrassment and condemned the cyberbullies.

"They're an embarrassment to the rest of us Malaysians, too busy taking it out on people just because their name is babi. As if there's only Bahasa Malaysia in the world," said a user.

Another said, "I hope Malaysian K-pop fans don't act this shallow and make fun of her name. Please respect the uniqueness of other languages. Maybe babi has a unique meaning to her. Don't let this be like the case with Dua Lipa. Embarrassing."

In 2018, Malaysians cyberbullied celebrity Dua Lipa into changing a birthday wish she wrote to her father:

Cyberbullying has been on the rise lately:

Be cautious of your behaviour online, cyberbullying is a punishable offence in Malaysia: