4 Local & Nostalgic Films You Can Watch On tonton CINEMA For Less Than RM8

You can watch these films during your cuti on Malaysia Day, hehe :D

Cover image via JinnyboyTV (YouTube) & JUICE

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With Malaysia Day coming up, tonton CINEMA has released a must-watch movie bundle of your favourite local films, yay!

Starting from 13 September until 24 September, you can get your hands on these four films that are perfect for the whole family :D With all these movies being available in a bundle for just RM7.90, you won't want to miss out on this exciting deal in honour of Malaysia Day.

Whether you choose to indulge in the classics, or you're up for something a little more recent, you can take your pick and settle in for a movie marathon, hehe. 

Here's what you'll get to watch under this Malaysia Day Movie Bundle:

1. Mukhsin

Image via tonton CINEMA

If you're a fan of Yasmin Ahmad's work, you'll be glad to know that this movie bundle includes one of her heartwarming films, Mukhsin. As the prequel to the movie Sepet, this story is about about Orked's first love, Mukhsin, who moved into his aunt's village during the school holidays. The film revolves around the innocent love between Orked and Mukhsin, as they develop a touching relationship whilst they get to know one another.

2. Talentime

Image via tonton CINEMA

Another Yasmin Ahmad film you can look forward to is Talentime, which narrates the story of three teenagers — Melur, Mahesh, and Hafiz. A talent-search competition matches both Melur and Mahesh, while Hafiz pines for Melur from afar. Yasmin described this movie in her blog as 'a story full of joy and pain, hope and despair, a host of beautifully-written songs, and rich characters'.

3. By My Side

Image via tonton CINEMA

Directed by JinnyboyTV, this coming-of-age movie is just what you need to remember what it was like to experience first love. It starts with post-SPM student Faye, as she navigates through life and the challenges of a long distance relationship after finding out that her first love, Ben, is planning to leave the country and study overseas.

4. Ejen Ali The Movie

Image via tonton CINEMA

Based on the local animated TV series Ejen Ali, the movie follows Ali's adventures as a secret spy in the Meta Advance Tactical Agency (MATA). However, when he finds out he isn't the only one capable of controlling the Infinity Retinal Intelligent System (I.R.I.S), a device created by MATA, a new device known as I.R.I.S Neo is provided to all agents. This makes Ali question his own worth in MATA.

Wanna know how you can redeem the Hari Malaysia movie bundle on tonton CINEMA? All it requires is six simple steps:

Image via googleapis.com

STEP 1: Log in to your tonton CINEMA account and purchase Ejen Ali The Movie. If you don't have a tonton CINEMA account yet, you can easily sign up for one here.

STEP 2: Once you have received the email for the coupon code redemption, click on the landing page URL in the email

STEP 3: Type in the email address used to sign up with tonton CINEMA, and you will receive three coupon codes

STEP 4: Select the movie you want to watch (By My Side, Ejen Ali The Movie, Mukhsin, Talentime) and click RENT

STEP 5: Copy and paste the coupon code in the coupon code text, and click REDEEM 

STEP 6: You can now watch the movies however many times you like for the next 48 hours via the tonton CINEMA website or the tonton app (download the app on the App Store or Google Play)

FYI, there are only 200 redemptions available for this movie bundle, so hurry up and start redeeming before they're all snatched up!

Ready to stream these feel-good movies? Head over to tonton CINEMA's website to get this movie bundle deal before it's too late!

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