1 Out Of 10 Malaysians Didn't Return Their Wristbands After Coldplay's Concert In KL

But we still did better than Bangkok, Manila, and Jakarta!

Cover image via Lushington Entertainments Singapore (Facebook) & @srhxni (TikTok)

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One out of 10 concert attendees didn't return their LED wristbands after Coldplay's inaugural show in Kuala Lumpur last year

According to a leaderboard shown at a Coldplay concert in Singapore recently, only 90% of Malaysian attendees returned their light-up wristbands after the show on 22 November.

In comparison, Singapore, Copenhagen, and Tokyo had wristband return rates of 91%, 96%, and 97%, respectively.

Malaysia's return rate seemed the lowest in comparison to the other three cities on the leaderboard that was displayed at one of Coldplay's six concerts held over two weekends in Singapore in January.

However, when looking at a longer list of cities that Coldplay has performed at for their Music of the Spheres world tour, Malaysia actually has one of the highest wristband return rates

According to a latest compilation by Thai publisher Brandage, Malaysia actually scored 91%.

Here's a list of Coldplay's wristband recycling rates for their world tour so far:
Tokyo, Japan - 97%
Copenhagen, Denmark - 96%
Buenos Aires, Argentina - 94%
Kaohsiung, Taiwan - 93%
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - 91%
Singapore - 91%
Perth, Australia - 90%
Bangkok, Thailand - 89%
Amsterdam, Netherlands - 87%
Manila, Philippines - 87%
Seattle, USA - 86%
Vancouver, Canada - 82%
Jakarta, Indonesia - 77%

Image via Coldplay

Coldplay encourages concert attendees to return their LED wristbands as part of the band's many sustainability efforts

Coldplay's website states that the practice has allowed them to reduce their wristband production by 80% through collecting, sterilising, and recharging them after every show.

The average wristband return rate is 86% during the first year of their tour.

The wristbands are the heartbeat of Coldplay's concerts. Read more about how they work here:

Here are some highlights from Coldplay's record-breaking show in Malaysia:

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