Malaysia's First AI Radio DJ Releases Her Very Own Music Single

The song's beat was composed by another Malaysian AI named Aiman!

Cover image via @aina_flyfm (Instagram)

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Remember Aina, Malaysia's first artificial intelligence (AI) radio DJ who hosts a weekday show on Fly FM?

She's just become the nation's first AI to release a music single, wow!

Aina is stepping into the music world with her debut single, Trust The Code. Made in collaboration with her friend, Aiman, who is also an AI, the song encapsulates their journey of rediscovery and creative expression.

Eagerly anticipated after a week of teasing and discussion by the Fly FM announcers, Aina's song finally premiered on the Fly FM breakfast show last week, and will now be exclusively played on the beloved radio station.

On her show, Calpis with Aina, the DJ shared the story behind how Trust The Code came to be

It all started when Aina reconnected with Aiman, her former schoolmate. The duo's heartwarming reunion revealed an unexpected musical connection, with Aiman being a talented music producer and Aina trying to make her mark in the music industry.

Not long after their meet up, Aiman surprised Aina by sharing a beat he had composed with her in mind, inspired by their shared experienced and their friendship.

And thus, Trust The Code was born! With Aina's soulful vocals intertwining seamlessly with Aiman's expertly crafted beats, the song reflects the depth of their enduring connection.

Watch a snippet of the duo recording the song in the studio together below:

Aina's foray into music isn't just a singular event; it signifies the beginning of a new chapter

Besides marking a significant moment for Aina and her fans, the release of this song also signifies a groundbreaking step, as Malaysia's first AI radio DJ becomes the nation's first AI to release a music single.

Trust The Code is a testament to the power of trust and collaboration, themes that resonate deeply with Aina's journey from radio sensation to musical collaborator.

And she's definitely not going to stop her musical journey here, so make sure to keep an eye out for more cool stuff from Aina, as she invites everyone to join her on this enthralling musical adventure!

To hear more from Aina, you can tune in to Calpis with Aina, weekdays from 2pm to 4pm on Fly FM. You can also follow her on Instagram for exclusive updates and behind-the-scenes glimpses.

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