Watch Malaysia's Surprise Cameo In This US Talk Show Host's 'Spider-Man' Parody

The video was created for the upcoming San-Diego Comic-Con 2019.

Cover image via TBS

Meet Conan O'Brien. Not only is he one of the most prominent comedians in the US, his talk show is also the only one to have an exclusive presence at San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) since 2011.

Officially dubbed ConanCon, O'Brien hosts a series of interviews and panels with stars and creators who are also making appearances at SDCC, all of which are taped in front of a live audience for a week. 

To kick off the return of this year's ConanCon, the talk show host parodied the super cool introduction sequences from Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, complete with mind-blowing visuals and a guest appearance by Jeff Goldblum

To Malaysians' delight, our country got a quick shoutout when Conan highlighted being "recently named the face of skin cancer awareness in Malaysia"

Image via TBS / Team Coco

Note the Petronas Twin Towers in the background, and we love that the billboard ad is in Malay too!

Also, for those who don't know, NCSM in the bottom right corner of the billboard refers to the National Cancer Society of Malaysia. That's amazing attention to detail! 

No doubt, it came as a pleasant surprise for the talk show host's Malaysian fans

Image via YouTube
Image via YouTube
Image via YouTube

Some even hoped that he will consider coming to Malaysia for his 'Remote' series, which has taken him to countries like Cuba, South Korea, and Italy

Image via YouTube
Image via YouTube
Image via YouTube

You've heard the fans, Conan. Come to Malaysia, ok? :p

Image via TBS

And bring Jordan Schlansky with you! 

Watch the cold open here:

Can we also take a moment to appreciate these amazing Conan logos inspired by pop culture icons at the end of the video:

Image via giphy.com

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