Malaysians Are Mind Blown After Finding Out That There Are 2 Endings For 'Misteri Dilaila'

The movie made RM4 million within five days after premiering on 21 February.

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Misteri Dilaila, a local horror movie that's currently playing in cinemas is generating a lot of hype for an intriguing reason - it's the first movie in Malaysia to be released with TWO different endings

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Yep, that's right. Depending on the cinema you're in, you could be watching either Version One or Version Two of the movie, each with its own twists and endings!

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This makes Misteri Dilaila the first film in Malaysia to allow cinema-goers to choose which version of the movie they'd like to see. 

Director Syafiq Yusof tweeted that he'd initially planned to reveal the existence of Misteri Dilaila's alternate version a week after its release, but audiences managed to solve the mystery within three days

Misteri Dilaila director Syafiq Yusof.

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He confirmed that the movie indeed has two versions on Twitter, adding that the reason behind the movie's dual-ending is not to make more money, but to entertain moviegoers. 

Regardless, it definitely helped the movie's box office takings in its opening week. In the first five days since premiering on 21 February, Misteri Dilaila has already made RM4 million in the box office

In fact, some moviegoers had already experienced both versions and even have their own theories about its lingering mysteries

So, how do you know which cinema to go to? Fortunately, Astro Shaw has since released the list of cinemas playing either version of the movie:


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Starring Zul Ariffin and Elizabeth Tan in the leading roles, Misteri Dilaila follows businessman Jefri and his wife Dilaila who found themselves in strange circumstances when they went on vacation at a bungalow house in Fraser's Hill

Zul Ariffin as Jefri.

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Jefri (played by Zul Ariffin) experienced strange events on their first night there, and then woke up to find that his wife (Elizabeth Tan) had gone missing. 

As he frantically searched for Dilaila, an Imam (Namron) suddenly appeared and claimed to have found Dilaila. Jefri's relief quickly turned into dread when the woman who came forward is decidedly not his wife. 

The movie, which reportedly cost RM2.2 million to film, was shot in Fraser's Hill, Pahang and Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM) in Kepong. 

Watch the trailer here:

Have you seen both versions of **Misteri Dilaila? What did you think of the movie and its different endings? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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