Malaysians Are Sharing Ways They Would Stalk Their Exes If They Were Invisible

"I would scream and cry at night."

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THE INVISIBLE MAN is a new American horror film that will keep you on the edge of your seat

If you are a fan of Paranormal Activity, Get Out, Insidious, and Truth Or Dare, you're in for a treat! Blumhouse Productions has come out with yet another gripping horror flick that will leave you awake at night. 

THE INVISIBLE MAN features The Handmaid's Tale star Elisabeth Moss in her lead role as Cecilia Kass and Dracula heart-throb Oliver Jackson-Cohen as Adrian Griffim, the Invisible Man.

Trapped in a violent and controlling relationship, Cecilia escapes her boyfriend, Adrian in the dead of the night. But when he later commits suicide, Adrian leaves her a huge chunk of his fortune and a series of eerie events begin to unfold.

Watch as Cecilia desperately tries to prove that she is being haunted by the man from her past:

We love a great horror premise. So we asked Malaysians how they'd stalk their exes and here's what they said:

1. "I would bang pots and pans from the kitchen in the dead of night"

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"My ex used to always tell me I was too loud. So I think the ultimate revenge would be to cause the biggest ruckus in his house at night. I would wake him up at 2am by banging pots and pans only for him to come downstairs and see absolutely no one. And every time he almost falls back asleep, I'll do it all over again."

- Geetha, 23

2. "I would slowly open every door she ever closes in the house"

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"My ex-girlfriend's biggest pet peeve is when someone doesn't fully shut the door behind them. So I think the best way to get back at her would be by opening every door she closes for the day. She would either think the house is haunted or she's just losing her mind."

- Adam, 25

3. "Flip all the switches I can find on and off so there's always light flickering"

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"I would play with the light switch all night long until he leaves the house because he's convinced it's haunted."

- Syakira, 32

4. "Wait under his bed and grab his legs in the middle of the night"

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"I'll hide under his bed and grab his legs in the middle of the night to teach him a lesson!"

- Aisya, 24

5. "I would quietly stalk him and then hop on his back"

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"I'll just hop right on his back and get a free piggy-back ride while giving him the shock of his life watching him trying to figure out what's happening."

- Kylie, 27

6. "I would scream and laugh from the other side of the house"

"If it were up to me, I would just randomly laugh day and night. Maybe I would scream every other hour or so just to mix it up a bit. Confirm him and his new girlfriend would be super scared."

- Ashley, 32

7. "I would just blow softly on her neck and make her hair stand"

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"My ex wasn't too horrible so maybe I would just blow on the nape of her neck or even her earlobes to give her goosebumps every now and then throughout the day."

- Jerry, 27

8. "I'll leave a creepy message for him on the steamed mirror"

"I'd probably leave him some a creepy message or silly spells from Google and just write it on the steamed mirror to give him a good scare when he comes out from the shower." 

- Joyce, 21

Ready to watch the horror unfold in THE INVISIBLE MAN?

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Catch the new horror flick, THE INVISIBLE MAN at an early screening on 28th February 2020. Coming to theatres nationwide on 5th March 2020. 'Like' United International Pictures on Facebook for updates.

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