There's Gonna Be A Malaysian Edition Of E! News Shown On YouTube With A Bite-Sized Twist

The show will be hosted by Malaysian personalities Aaron Al Fateh, Chrystina Ng, and Tasha Aleia.

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For close to three decades, E! News has been the go-to show for the latest celebrity news and gossip, not to mention exclusive interviews with the who's who of Hollywood

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Currently hosted by Giuliana Rancic and Jason Kennedy, E! News first aired on entertainment network E! in 1991. The newscast has also spawned several international versions, including E! News Asia, which was introduced in 2010. 

And now, in a special edition tailored for Malaysians, Media Prima Television Networks is launching its own version of E! News called E! Media Prima TV Networks

However, unlike traditional television programmes, the Malaysian edition of E! News will premiere on YouTube and curated into bite-sized, ten-minute episodes

New episodes will be uploaded onto TV3's official YouTube channel, while a two-minute abridged version of each episode will be aired on TV3 itself.

According to Media Prima Television Networks CEO Johan Ishak, the new programme is part of the media company's aim to democratise content on its digital platforms by giving entertainment fans easy access to the latest celebrity news and gossip with the click of a button.

"It's specially for those who hardly watch television and rely on social media to find out the latest happenings in showbiz," he said.

Primeworks Studio CEO Datuk Izham Omar (far right) with TVN's CEO Johan Ishak (second from left) at the launch of E! Media Prima TV Networks on Friday, 15 March.

Image via Khairul Azhar Ahmad / New Straits Times

New episodes of E! Media Prima will be released every Monday and Thursday at 9pm

According to Johan, about 60 to 70 percent of the programme will involve Malaysian artistes, while the rest will highlight the latest updates from Hollywood, Bollywood, Hong Kong, and South Korea. 

Each day of the week will also feature different interests, with Monday episodes focusing on beauty and fashion tips from celebrities, while Thursday episodes will feature tech-savvy artistes sharing their love of the latest gadgets. 

The show will be presented by local personalities Aaron Al Fateh of ntv7's The Feel Good Show, Chrystina Ng of radio station One FM and 8TV, and singer Tasha Aleia

From left: Aaron Al Fateh, Chrystina Ng, and Tasha Aleia.

Image via Aaron Al Fateh Facebook / Instagram @chrystinang / Instagram @tashaaleia

E! Media Prima premieres tonight, 18 March at 9pm, with new episodes every Monday and Thursday, on TV3's YouTube channel

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