'mother!' Is Probably The Scariest Psychological Thriller You'll See in Cinemas

Some called it "sickeningly glorious".

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Based on the reactions 'mother!' got at its premiere, this movie is anything but ordinary

Movie critics described the film as "extreme" and one even called it "sickeningly glorious". It's even being compared to one of the best horror movies of all time - 'Rosemary's Baby'.

So what makes this psychological thriller so weird and disturbing?

1. For starters, the main characters are named 'Mother' and 'Him'

The film focuses on a woman (played by Jennifer Lawrence) whose life and relationship with her husband (played by Javier Bardem) is challenged when a pair of mysterious, uninvited guests start showing up.

The strange part is that the characters' names are not mentioned in the movie. The husband and his wife do not call each other by their names. However, the wife is referred to as 'Mother' and the husband as 'Him' in the end credits.

2. They live in the middle of nowhere

Both Mother and Him live in a huge, old house that's surrounded by trees. You can say that they don't have any neighbours as there's not a single house nearby.

We've watched enough horror flicks and psychological thrillers to know that people who live in lonely, old houses usually don't get happy endings in the movies.

3. And the floorboards in the house bleeds... in the shape of a vagina

Actually the whole house bleeds. The walls bleed. The light bulbs bleed.

And yes, there's actually a vagina-shaped pool of blood on the floor. #weird

4. Strange people just keep showing up

It started with one guy who's lost. Then his wife showed up a few days later. After that their two sons came too. And all of a sudden it seems like the whole town is here to see them.

The worst part is that they all want to stay the night.

5. And Mother is always drinking this strange yellow drink

It's said that the movie never explained what that yellow drink is, or what it does. So we don't know if it's medicine, drugs, or poison O_O

6. Then all of a sudden, she's pregnant!

Very, very pregnant...

7. Also, the director said that you should "be prepared" before you watch it

Yeah, he actually said that. The director said that he wanted movie goers to "be prepared" for the movie because "it’s a very intense ride”.

You know that it's serious when the director said that a movie is going to be intense and warns you to be ready for it. This movie is going to mess with your head.

And when you're mentally ready, you can catch 'mother!' in any Malaysian cinemas on 28 September

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