Malaysian Band Paperplane Pursuit Will Perform Together For The Last Time After 10 Years

This can't be goodbyeeee. :')

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After a decade of making music, homegrown band Paperplane Pursuit will be performing their final show together!

From left: Dru Yap (drummer), John O (lead vocalist), The Chief (bassist), and Isaac Ravi (guitarist).

Image via Paperplane Pursuit

The first Malaysian band to break into the US Billboard Mainstream Top 40 Indicator Chart in 2015 are bidding farewell with their latest album – 'Final Flight'

The group's single, 'Feel Good', made it to the Billboard Mainstream Top 40 Indicator Chart – placing them ahead of Adam Lambert, Maroon 5, and Little Mix.

Their latest album includes two new singles, 'DanceMan' and 'My Friends' which, as the band shared with SAYS, serve as parting gifts to their fans and everyone who has helped get them to where they are today.

Paperplane Pursuit – made up of lead vocalist John O, drummer Dru Yap, bassist The Chief, and guitarist Isaac Ravi – have come a long way since 2009

Since then, they've written, self-produced, and self-recorded three full-length albums, 'Malaysia 2.0' (2011), 'Higher' (2014), and 'Second Date' (2017).

As for their future plans? John O explained to SAYS that he will be pursuing a solo career, while the rest are currently running a music label raising up the next-gen of Malaysian artistes such as lost spaces and Talitha.

We're going out with a big bang! We're looking forward to sharing the stories behind the songs and our 10-year journey.
lead vocalist John O

Paperplane Pursuit will be having their final show at 7pm, on Saturday, 28 September at The Bee, Publika!

Tickets are on sale here.

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