Pingu Voice Actor Known For The Iconic 'Noot Noot' Passes Away At 85 Years Old

Carlo Bonomi established the 'Penguinese' language for the series.

Cover image via Junkee & The Pingu Video Archive (YouTube)

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The legend, Carlo Bonomi, who is the original voice actor of Pingu, passed away at 85 years old on Sunday, 6 August

Image via Happymag.tv

Italian news site, afnews.info, broke the news stating that Bonomi, who was born in Milan in 1937, is remembered as the original and unscripted voice of Pingu, a cheeky penguin from the South Pole in the beloved childhood clay animation.

The cause of Bonomi's death has not been revealed.

Fans have since taken to Twitter to express their condolences, as they remember Bonomi's 'bleeps', 'bloops', and the iconic 'noot noot' of the little penguin

American cartoonist Travis Bickerstaff wrote in a tweet that the 'noot noot' will live on, adding that "Other voice actors in the Pingu franchise had carried on Bonomi's legacy, since he established the 'Penguinese' language for the series."

Aired between 1986 and 2006, the stop motion children's series lasted for six seasons

Image via The Guardian

Bonomi voiced Pingu and many other characters in the show from 1986 to 2000, before he was replaced by vocal actors David Sant and Marcello Magni in the last two seasons.

Aside from Pingu, Bonomi's voice has been used in station announcements at Central Station and Florence Santa Maria Novella Station in Italy. He's also known as the voice behind Mr Linea in the Italian cartoon, La Linea.

Though he is no longer with us, Bonomi's voice will live on as a legacy forever.

Thank you for making our childhoods' special :')

Image via Tenor

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