SAYS Exclusive: Chris Daughtry Shows Off The Three Malay Words He Learnt In Malaysia

There is also a little bit of Rickrolling involved. :p

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People often say, "Never meet your heroes", but these guys couldn't have been more wrong. At least, they are to me.

Like any self-respecting rocker wannabe, I rooted for Chris Daughtry in the then-super-relevant American Idol, and couldn't be happier when he decided to form a band and pretty much overshadowed whoever won that year.

Fast forward over a decade later, I had the privilege of meeting the vocal powerhouse himself when Daughtry - the band - stopped by Kuala Lumpur as part of their world tour in support of their new album Cage to Rattle.

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Thanks to the kind folks over at Sony Music, we got to sit down with the rock star for a down-to-earth chat about his kid's obsession with Michael Jackson and his secret love for Rick Astley

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Also, Chris gets some major brownie points for this message he had for his Malaysian fans!

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Watch our full interview with Chris HERE:

Daughtry's new album Cage To Rattle is out now! LISTEN HERE

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Daughtry definitely stunned the crowd with one hell of a show at KL Live in July. Here are our favourite moments from the show:

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