You Should Watch This Award-Winning Psychological Thriller That's Full Of Easter Eggs

And it takes place through the view of a multiple screens.

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Do you love nail-biting, mind-boggling movies that keep your eyes glued to the screen?

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If so, you’ll definitely wanna watch ‘Searching’, a psychological thriller that literally takes place on multiple screens

‘Searching’ is an award-winning thriller directed by first time director, Aneesh Chaganty. A former Google employee, Chaganty spent two years working at Google Creative Lab before deciding to pursue his dream of becoming a film director.

When 'Searching' first premiered at Sundance Film Festival earlier this year, it immediately became a hit, bagging multiple prizes including the Alfred P. Sloan Feature Film Prize. The film will be arriving at Malaysian cinemas on 20 September, so make sure you go check it out.

One reason why you should be excited about 'Searching' is because it stars John Cho, who played Lieutenant Sulu in 'Star Trek: Into The Darkness'

Fun fact: John Cho is the first Asian to land a leading role in a Hollywood thriller.

Two years ago, fans of John Cho created a viral trend called #StarringJohnCho, with the popular Asian actor being photoshopped into mainstream movie posters like 'Mission Impossible' and 'The Avengers'. Now, he has made history as one of the few Asian American actors to actually be the face of a Hollywood blockbuster.

In the movie, John Cho plays David Kim, a father whose 16-year-old daughter mysteriously goes missing

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Margot, played by Michelle La, is David's daughter who seemingly lives a normal high school life until she one day disappears. A police investigation is launched, but with things going nowhere, David takes matters into his own hands by looking for clues on his daughter’s laptop.

What follows is a frantic search through his daughter’s social media accounts, texts, and transaction history, as David comes to realise how little he knew his daughter. As time ticks down, he even goes as far as interviewing his daughter’s friends in a desperate attempt to retrace her steps.

All these things unfold scene by scene on multiple screens, giving viewers an upclose and personal experience with the cast

Everything feels eerily familiar, from the laptop screen to the apps and social media platforms. And it's almost as though you're made to experience what David Kim had to go through while searching for his lost daughter.

What you see on every screen was created from scratch, be it app icons, individual text messages, or timestamps. That's what makes the movie feel so realistic and believable. The video below gives you an idea of the amount of effort put into creating just one scene.

Thanks to this meticulous design process, film director Chaganty said they ended up writing “25 times more text” than the original screenplay

Every on-screen window, even the ones not in focus, tells part of the story. That means that in addition to writing the dialogue, Chaganty and scriptwriter Sev Ohanian had to plan out nitty-gritty details like email text, subject headers, and article headlines.

But what started catching the attention of netizens was the vast amount of Easter eggs laid throughout the movie

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What initially started out as inside jokes of friends, family, and cast members ended making the final cut. According to Chaganty, if viewers look hard enough they may also find interesting side stories that add to and thicken the existing plot.

“There’s no prize for you if you figure out everything... but we always wanted these to be just something you might accidentally discover as you went through the film,” says Chaganty.

This means you'll probably have to watch the movie a few times to really appreciate all the effort put in by the creators

Watch 'Searching' at cinemas from 20 September 2018 onwards

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