14 Unforgettable Moments From Seventeen's First Concert In Malaysia

It totally was a "very... NICE!" show guys ;)

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Last weekend, we went to the KL leg of 'Diamond Edge', popular Kpop group Seventeen's first ever world tour! *fangirl screaming*

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Seventeen definitely made sure that their first visit to Malaysia was one that Carats (that's what Seventeen's fans are called btw) would remember for life!

Here are some of our favourite moments from the show that had us screaming for more:

1. When they first emerged looking gorgeous in colourful Prince Charming-esque suits

2. Then immediately blew us away with their signature on point and 100% totally in sync choreo. "Very...NICE" indeed!

3. And somehow even managed to throw in some aegyo while dancing

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4. It was so adorable whenever they spoke in BM <3

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5. When they extended the waving part for ‘Mansae’ and got the crowd to wave along

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6. They definitely made all our hearts go 'BOOM BOOM'! ;)

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7. In between songs, they took the time to layan Carats by being totally silly and playful

Vernon and Hoshi challenged the crowd to a high note battle (which they obviously lost hahaha):

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Dino got the crowd to repeat after him and then tricked his fellow members into doing it too:

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Jeonghan and Joshua got "forced" into doing some random dancing:

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8. When the vocal team completely slayed with their hauntingly beautiful vocals

9. And the hip hop team's performances were lit AF!

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10. Let's not forget how the performance team totally lived up to their name by KILLING.IT.

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11. Our jaws dropped at how crazy stunning and impressive that ribbon dance for 'My I' was :O

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12. They definitely kept their promise of "giving us performances so hot and passionate that we'd forget it was raining outside"

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13. Ironically, hearing their latest song 'Don't Wanna Cry' live induced a sea of tears and gave us all goosebumps

14. Pretty sure everyone was super jealous of the Carats who managed to get up close and personal with the boys during the encore #rockpitperks

BONUS: It was so touching that they took the time to sit down in the middle of the stage and chat with the crowd before finally saying goodbye :')

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They said that they really enjoyed their time here and promised to come back again, yay!

Thanks for an amazing show Seventeen! We hope to see you back in Malaysia again for another concert soon! :D

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Were you at the concert? What was your favourite part? Let us know in the comments section below.

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