[PICS/VIDS] 14 Things You Missed At Girls' Generation And SHINee's F1 Concert

Rain AND shine, devoted K-pop fans braved the stormy weather to witness their favourite idol groups live onstage on Sunday's F1 After Race concert.

Cover image via Sepang Circuit's Facebook

Race day came and went, as did Girls' Generation and SHINee's joint headlining show at the Formula 1 After-Race concert last night (29 March 2015)

Both groups performed in rotation throughout the concert as fans withstood the rain and winds to witness their idols in action. Missed it? Here are some of the most memorable moments from the K-pop extravaganza:

1. Decked out in black and white, the boys of SHINee took to the stage with their energetic dance moves and - ahem - delicate good looks

Video via nodrohzomono's Instagram.

Video via hiroshiyuichi's Instagram.

2. Fans cheering non-stop when the boys welcomed them to Sepang with a bunch of shoutouts for Malaysia

Video via hana9jjang's Instagram.

3. Girls' Generation's performance of 'I Got A Boy', with a vibrant visual background reminiscent of the hit single's music video

Video via hanasyafiqah's Instagram.

Video via mangomunirah's Instagram.

4. At one point, Tiffany kinda messed up the rap and brought some of the girls to mini giggle fits onstage

Video via iheart_ss9's Instagram.

5. Tiffany pointing out the "Finally You're Back" balloons members of the crowd were sporting, thanking them for being "so sweet"

Video via pennyapw's Instagram.

Video via nanaasdfghjkl's Instagram.

6. SHINee impersonating some zombies for 'Why So Serious', complete with pyrotechnics

Video via _booxoxo's Instagram.

7. The boys proving that their dance moves are no less impressive live for 'Ring Ding Dong'

Video via wawa_nasir's Instagram.

8. Minho showing off his rapping skills

Video via yana_taengoo_'s Instagram.

9. The mesmerising and colourful chess-themed graphics accompanying Girls' Generation's performance of 'Mr. Mr.'...

Video via jiayeepuffiee's Instagram.

Video via iheart_ss9's Instagram.

10. ... And the girls showing off their moves during the dance break, while the crowd chants "So Nyeo Shi Dae!"

Video via fatehahlah's Instagram.

11. Tiffany got into a little bit of trouble when some streamers got tangled between her legs and heels. Not her day, it seems. ;)

Video via angieaay's Instagram.

Video via angieaay's Instagram.

12. We are in awe of how in sync the boys of SHINee are with their elaborate dance moves. Fans were either cheering or watching with slack-jaws to see them in action!

Video via fatehahlah's Instagram.

Video via newskaki's Instagram.

13. Not sure what's happening here, but it's pretty amusing to see Onew being all serious while the rest joked around behind his back. What's with the face, Jonghyun?!

14. Both K-pop idol groups standing together onstage to bid their Malaysian fans goodbye at the end of an exciting concert

Video via yana_taengoo_'s Instagram.

Girls' Generation and SHINee may be world-famous, but when the lights go down, they're just like you and me:

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