Siti Nurhaliza Makes A Special Appearance As A Weather Reporter On RTM

Many tuned in to the news, as they were excited to see their favourite singer on the weather forecast segment.

Cover image via METMalaysia (YouTube) & @metmalaysia (Twitter)

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People following the weather updates this week were pleasantly surprised to discover that the "weather girl" on RTM news was none other than Malaysia's top singer Datuk Seri Siti Nurhaliza Tarudin

The Malaysian Meteorological Department (METMalaysia) announced on Twitter the special appearance of the 43-year-old singer, reporting the weather forecasts via RTM's 5pm and 8pm news slots on Wednesday, 21 December.

In the news, Siti Nurhaliza, who is also known as Tok Ti, reported on the current weather condition in Malaysia, which includes forecasts of continuous heavy rain in the East Coast states.

Tok Ti urged people in flood-prone areas to be prepared by saving their important documents and belongings in a bag that is easy to carry.

To ensure personal safety, she also reminded people to move immediately to the Relief Centers (PPS) in compliance with the authorities' orders.

Siti Nurhaliza hopes that more people will be alert to the bad weather during the monsoon season

The pop singer took to Instagram and shared with her followers about her appearance as the weather girl in RTM news.

She stated that the purpose of this collaboration was to encourage netizens to be more updated on the weather conditions and act accordingly when it comes to disaster risks such as flooding, strong winds, and turbulent sea.

Many tuned in to the news, as they were excited to see their favourite singer on the weather forecast segment

The company's initiative to convey important issues to a broader audience seems to work.

After the broadcast, Tok Ti's appearance as the weather reporter reached 22K views on YouTube. On top of that, clips of the broadcasts circulating on other social media platforms are also gaining traction.

A Twitter user praised METMalaysia for having an influential figure like Siti Nurhaliza as an approach to the public, as people are still trivialising of the concerning weather.

Image via Twitter

Some of her fans commented on how they would tune in regularly if it were their favourite singer who did the weather report.

Meanwhile, there are also comments saying that it's their first time listening to the news until the very end, thanks to the melodious singer.

Image via YouTube
Image via YouTube
Image via YouTube
Image via YouTube

Watch the full video of Siti Nurhaliza reporting the weather forecast here:

It's time for Tok Ti to make use of her melodious voice for another occasion and sign up as a weather reporter. What do you think? ;P

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