Global C-pop Artist Tia Lee Is Inspiring Women All Around The World With Her New Single

"I believe it is a story that everyone can resonate with – especially women, who so often bear the brunt of society’s judgment."

Cover image via Tia Lee (Provided to SAYS)

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Being a woman comes with its fair share of challenges, especially in the society we live in

Recognising this, global Chinese pop star and fashionista, Tia Lee, used her art of storytelling through her music to empower fellow females in her latest single, Goodbye Princess

Although Tia just stepped out as a solo artist in the music industry, her overnight success following the release of her music video for Goodbye Princess managed to gain a lot of attention, hitting more than 26 million views in just five days, and is currently at 63 million views on YouTube as of today.

Innovatively produced using cool animations and fashion to narrate Tia's personal journey, her pre-release campaign of Goodbye Princess created much anticipation among fans

Prior to the release of her official music video, Goodbye Princess, a six-episode animation series was featured on her YouTube channel to create anticipation for the launch of her official music video and #EmpowerHer campaign.

Thanks to animation director, Sunny Tang, and award-winning British creative director, Tony C. Miller, who beautifully animated the series of motion imagery and fashion videography, the episodes truly conveyed Tia's personal journey in the entertainment industry. 

Style director of Vogue Thailand, Sanshai, also played a significant role as he was Tia's stylist who worked hard to deliver multiple stunning looks for the motion images that accompanied each of the animated episodes. Gaining over 100 million views in less than a month, the pre-release campaign itself exceeded her expectations.

Check out the six-episode animation series and motion images collection here.

With her story combined with futuristic beats, it's no wonder the music video for Goodbye Princess was a successful hit!

The single had support from Grammy Award-winning music producer, Swizz Beatz, and the music video was creatively produced by maverick creative studio Actual Objects to carry Tia Lee's personal storytelling one step further.

Happy with the overwhelmingly positive responses from her newest single, Tia expressed her gratitude by saying, "I am very excited for this new chapter of my life and career. This song and music video was based on my personal journey. I believe it is a story that everyone can resonate with – especially women, who often bear the brunt of society's judgment.

"We all have power inside us, though the world sometimes makes it difficult for us to speak up. So I hope that Goodbye Princess and the #EmpowerHer campaign can be a rallying call for women to embrace their inner strength and support each other in realising their truth."

Check out Tia Lee's newest single, Goodbye Princess here: 

Through her global charity campaign, #EmpowerHer, Tia wishes to inspire and connect with her fans, women, and children around the world by giving back

The C-pop artist has vowed to donate a maximum of 3.8 million HKD (Approximately RM2.1 million) split to several charities when each viewing benchmark is met. So far, Tia has collaborated with four amazing charities —Beats by Girlz and Women in Music in the United States, Teen’s Key in Hong Kong, and Daughters Of Tomorrow in Singapore, with more charities to come.

She believes in creating awareness and supporting women and girls all around the world with the platform she has, so that they won't feel left out or all alone navigating through society.

Spread the word and share her music video with the hashtag, #EmpowerHer to all the women you know!

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