TGV Just Opened Southeast Asia's First Cinema Hall That Has Speakers On Every Seat

Viewers are in for a sound immersion experience like never before!

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Moviegoers are in for a treat with TGV Cinemas' latest offering for a better cinematic experience at its latest flagship in Toppen Shopping Centre, Johor Bahru

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Their newest outlet features a hall which has the largest Flexound installation in the world and is the first in Southeast Asia

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Unlike your typical cinema seats, the Flexound Hall's seats come with embedded speakers that deliver a more personal, immersive viewing experience

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Not only will there be clarity in dialogue, but also better sound quality independent of seat location

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The new outlet will also have a host of premium offerings for that extra 'oomph' in your viewing experience

Here are some of its offerings:

- Prestige Hall, where viewers can enjoy their movie in their INDULGE/compact premium recliner,
- Infinity Hall, a big screen hall that's equipped with motorized recliner seats and an RGB 4K laser projector combined with Dolby Atmos, and
- Family Friendly Hall which has an adjoining playroom and colourful seats.

Prestige Hall.

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Infinity Hall.

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Family Friendly Hall.

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For those who are all about the 'gram, the Coke Zone and Sony Interactive Zone at the cinema foyer make perfect backdrops

Image via TGV Cinemas
Image via TGV Cinemas

In celebration of their opening, TGV Toppen JB will be screening movies for free from 13 to 20 November

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These movies include:

- Joker,
- IT Chapter 2,
- Spider Man: Far From Home,
- John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum,
- Bikers Kental,
- Dua Garis Biru,
- Makmum,
- A Witness Out of The Blue,
- Ip Man 3, and
- Angel Has Fallen.

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